Volunteer & Channel Partner Program Overview

Overview of the Volunteer and Channel Partner Program by Brantlee Underhill. Recorded May 2019.

As PMI undergoes a digital transformation to ensure ongoing market relevance, we are addressing our customers’ challenges. We recognize that many of our channel partners are likely facing similar challenges. We are committed to providing our volunteer and channel partners the opportunity to evolve alongside PMI. 

For this reason, we are leveraging a collaborative approach to build our future state of volunteer and channel partnerships. We’re applying this approach across our relationships with global chapters and volunteers, academic institutions, organizational partners, and registered education providers (R.E.P.s). So far this year, we’ve been engaging in interviews and focus groups with our partners to understand their needs. We are committed to improving the experience for everyone within the PMI community.  

Our Volunteer and Channel Partners Program includes several projects to determine the partner strategy using research-based approaches and data collected directly from our partners. As our projects progress throughout 2019, we will be testing new concepts with small groups from our communities. We look forward to exploring how to bring our channel partner programs into our global, digital future.