Authorized Training Partner Program Update

Authorized Training Partner Program and Chapters

Effective 2 January 2021, chapters wishing to offer PMP® exam prep and/or PMI Disciplined Agile workshops and certification training for your members, are required to join the Authorized Training Partner program or use an Authorized Training Partner to offer training to your community. Requirements for chapters who want to join include:

  • Chapters who apply to the program will be subject to the same criteria for admission as non-chapter entities, and if accepted, will enjoy the same benefits as all Authorized Training Partners. 
  • Chapters that are accepted into the program will need to select individuals to attend the required Train the Trainer session to become certified instructors if they plan to deliver PMP Exam Prep training or Disciplined Agile workshops and certification training. Please note, new DA trainers will need to attend a one-day Train the Trainer session while PMP certified instructors will need to attend a two-day Train the Trainer session. 
    • Chapters that become an Authorized Training Partner may not permit their Chapter Board members or those in a decision making role within the chapter to serve as certified instructors, nor can they be the Authorized Training Partner owner, in order to avoid conflict of interest. 
    • Additionally, Authorized Training Partner owners and certified instructors cannot serve as a chapter leader or a decision-making volunteer within a chapter while they are still an owner or certified instructor.
    • Authorized Training Partner owners and certified instructors will confirm via a check box in the program application that they and their employees, as well as their certified instructors are aware of this requirement, that they are not a chapter leader, and will not volunteer as one while an owner or instructor.
  • Chapters who are Authorized Training Partners cannot share their status with non-Authorized Training Partner chapters. For example, a chapter who is an Authorized Training Partner cannot select individuals from non-Authorized Training Partner chapters to become certified instructors for them.
  • The same rules above apply to DA Champions who are also certified instructors.

As always, we encourage you to empower your members preparing for PMI certification exams. Chapters may offer PMP study groups and mentoring programs for this purpose. However, if the Authorized Training Partner program is not ideal for your chapter, we highly encourage you to partner with an Authorized Training Partner. Chapters can submit Request for Proposals (RFPs) for member training needs directly to Premier Authorized Training Partners as they will have exclusive access.

Clarification on Chapter Sponsored PMP Study Groups

When we launched the ATP Program, we encouraged chapters to host study groups so you could continue to support candidates in earning their PMP. But what is a study group? 

  • A Chapter-sponsored study group gives PMP candidates the platform to come together with their peers to reinforce their learning from a formal PMP exam prep course or our on-demand PMP exam prep course. The Chapter’s role is facilitate the opportunity and connection among peers.
  • Chapter-sponsored study groups can include a variety of activities. Peers can collaboratively create quizzes to test their understanding of the domains or it could be as simple as leading an open discussion by asking questions such as “What did you learn?” or “What are you struggling with?” 
  • A Chapter-sponsored study group cannot substitute the 35 hours of formal education needed to prepare for the PMP exam. 
  • Some ATPs may offer study groups to enhance their PMP exam prep courses, which is allowed. If a chapter would like to offer enhanced study groups, they may work with the ATP delivering their exam prep. Please know, chapters may not purchase content from non-ATP organizations for their study groups. To ensure the organization you are partnering with is an ATP, please review our list of ATPs. It is updated on a weekly basis to reflect new partners.

If you have any questions about whether your Chapter-Sponsored PMP Study Group complies with these requirements, please contact your Chapter Partner or [email protected].

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