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Set Your Own Project Management Career Path

New Challenges. New Project Management Career Paths.

The role of a project manager offers infinite possibilities across different industries and areas of work. But finding that next big step can be a bit difficult to navigate.

  • As you gain more knowledge throughout your years and experience, how do you define what will make you a great project manager?
  • Is it easily setting up and managing a project that you are comfortable with?
  • Is it moving from industry to industry?
  • Or is it moving to large projects with multiple variables?
  • How do you know what project management career path is best?

With all the different elements and possible opportunities available to project managers, it is helpful to have a clear resource with enough experience to guide you to your next step. That resource is the Project Management Institute. Containing over 50 years of project management experience and worldwide connections in all industries, PMI has been assisting project managers in finding a thriving career path through different career platforms. Project Management Institute is also the home of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which is the world’s largest leading project management certifications. CIO magazine ranked the PMP as the top project management certification in North America because it demonstrates you have the specific skills employers seek, dedication to excellence and the capacity to perform at the highest levels.  Whether you are looking to advance your career and are unsure what the next step is to want to change your career completely, PMI has the tools and resources to help guide you with insight from other project managers.


PMI’s Career Path Opportunities

PMI launches a new CareerHUB: Resources to Promote Your Professional Success. This new platform helps project managers at every stage of their career journey.  Based on your experience, it will offer a wide variety of professional tools, resume building and advice to help future-proof your career. PMI provides a deep dive into all the tools available within the career hub such as the CareerHUB Theater, Career Expo, and Career Navigator. 

Take a look at PMI's Career Navigator and find your next project management step! 

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Each platform offers different knowledge and expertise based on your career goals. CareerHUB provides access to PMI’s Brand You Theater to help define yourself as a successful project manager and the best ways to promote career-boosting content. It is the perfect way to get fine-tune your resume and projects before applying to a new job. Additionally, the Theater offers tips and tools for maintaining a positive work-life balance.

Career Navigator, on the other hand, focuses on personalizing a career path for you based on your previous experience. With a free assessment, you can enter all your previous jobs, projects, and skills to receive a personalized action plan that matches you with the perfect growth opportunities. By identifying your aspirations and career goals, Career Navigator builds a complete picture of all elements you need to achieve your next step in your project management career.  This platform also allows you to track your success and see your development from week to week, so you see how you are growing towards your goal.

Finally, Career Expo allows you to create a profile to promote your resume and successes so hiring managers can find you easily. With Career Expo, you won’t miss an amazing opportunity!  You can browse available job postings from companies looking specifically for project managers and apply for open positions that fit in your next steps. Career Expo also provides an opportunity for you to connect live with companies on the event day. You will have the ability to talk with prospective employers and see if their corporate social responsibility initiatives match yours. 

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