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Wicked Problem Solving

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Wicked Problem Solving is an online course and toolkit explicitly developed for changemakers, consultants, and leaders to sharpen their creative problem-solving and collaboration skills and bring design thinking to everyday work.

Tom Wujec

Meet Tom Wujec

PMI is partnering with internationally renowned facilitator, Tom Wujec, to create a new and innovative suite of offerings to help individuals and teams reach their targets by producing innovative, creative, and valuable breakthroughs.


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Course subtitles now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

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Why Wicked Problem Solving?

Today’s problems come in all shapes and sizes and are only growing more complex. Specialized roles, remote teams, and siloed organizations require innovative ways to tackle everyday challenges. Start your journey today and make ideas reality by utilizing the power of structured thinking and creative collaboration.

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How Wicked Problem Solving Works

This interactive course and toolkit will teach you how to bring yourself or your team, from irresolution to resolution, using a simple, powerful, scalable approach to tackle any problem and make solutions visible. Watch quick videos, then get hands-on experience working through your problems in your companion Wicked Problem Solving Miro board. Check out the WPS playboard.

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Find out why collaborative problem solving is truly a superpower!

Solve any problem with Wicked Problem Solving

The WPS online course teaches individuals and teams how to solve complex and uncertain problems by asking the right questions, making ideas visible, and engaging with forward actions.

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It was the program I had been waiting for, for quite a while. A mindful, timely program for professionals as we move forward together.

— Babette Ten Haken

Speaker | Consultant | Coach | Author

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After working with a variety of tools and methods over the past 25 years, WPS is by far the most comprehensive and practical approach for defining problems and jointly solving them as a team.

— Dr. Mario Arlt, PMP, DPM

 Vice President | Learning Leader | Finance Transformation

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This course is a masterclass in facilitation, and WPS is a necessity to address the complexities of modern problem solving and project delivery.

— Erik Hendin, PMP

QA Director