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Wicked Problem Solving®

We are living in unprecedented times. Problems are only getting more complicated, challenging, and uncertain.

These problems are continually met with shallow collaboration. This is caused by remote teams spread across time zones, more specialized roles, language barriers, overstimulation, and siloed organizations to name a few. Sound familiar?

PMI empowers the world to make ideas reality and Wicked Problem Solving is the rocket fuel for getting that work done.

How to make ideas reality with Wicked Problem Solving

The first step, Wicked Problem Solving Practitioner, is an online course and toolkit developed specifically for change-makers, leaders, and consultants to sharpen their creative problem-solving and collaboration skills and bring design thinking to everyday work.

This interactive course will teach you how to bring yourself or your team, from irresolution to resolution using a simple, powerful, scalable approach to tackle virtually any problem and to make solutions visible. Watch the video with Tom Wujec below to learn why collaborative problem solving is truly a super-power!

Course subtitles now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

Solve any problem with Wicked Problem Solving

The WPS online course teaches individuals and teams how to solve complex and uncertain problems by asking the right questions, making ideas, visible, and engaging with forward actions.

Wicked Problem Solving is a registered mark of The Wujec Group, Inc.

Tom Wujec

Meet Tom Wujec

PMI is partnering with Tom Wujec, from The Wujec Group, to create a new and innovative suite of offerings to help organizations and individuals adopt, implement, and live the Wicked Problem Solving system. This system is designed to solve highly complex problems at any scale – and Wicked Problem Solving Practitioner is just the start.