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Complex problem solving, collaboration, and creativity are today’s most in-demand skills according to the World Economic Forum. Help your teams master them with Wicked Problem Solving, a course and toolkit that enables you to get important work done by boosting clarity, engagement, and alignment.


What will your teams learn?

They’ll learn how to get to the heart of a problem by thinking strategically and asking the right questions, how to make ideas visible through diagrams and drawings, and how to engage others with tangible actions. Most importantly, they’ll immediately use their new superpowers through an online collaborative whiteboarding tool called Miro, the WPS Workbook, the WPS Playbook, and three decks of cards.

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Course subtitles now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

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The Team

Bring the best of agile, lean, design thinking, and other methodologies to your everyday work experience. Tap your team members’ superpowers by giving everyone an equal voice and encouraging thinking in new directions. Work through problems or business crossroads of any size.

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The Enterprise

Maintain a competitive advantage and get ahead of potential disruption by boosting collaborative innovation. Improve your culture by empowering employees to make decisions and take action. These tools and methods work at scale, from the in-team facilitator to the senior leadership level. Start today and see your efficiency and results skyrocket.