Future 50
A New Generation of Leaders Has Arrived

For introducing project teams to tomorrow

Janeen Blige doesn’t just talk about the future of work. She lives it. As part of IBM’s cognitive process services group, she’s changing how teams are built, groomed and deployed. 

She helped develop a new training program for one client and worked with another to deploy blockchain, replacing manual verification with an unalterable ledger to resolve financial disputes. Whether launching a cutting-edge tech tool or developing a future-facing skills session, Blige says, stakeholder buy-in matters just as much as the project plan—if not more. “It really starts with education,” she says. 

Blige represents a rising generation of inquisitive, digital-forward practitioners who are injecting a new perspective into some of the world’s largest organizations. Her starting point, with her clients and herself: “This is something you should learn.”

“It really starts with education.”