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Success in government program management  Success in government program management

Program management practices implemented in three U.S. federal agencies with vastly different missions led to greater efficiencies and better success rates. From leadership to training to transparency, uncover the winning factors.

PMP<sup style="font-size:13px;">&reg;</sup> exam change…explainedPMP® exam change…explained

What you need to know.

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam is changing soon. Get your questions answered in a quick webinar. Why is the exam changing? What is changing? And what does it mean for you? You'll have answers in 15 minutes or less.

Taking a PulseTaking a Pulse

Only 12 percent of organizations are high performers in project management. What sets them apart? A focus on the fundamentals of people, processes and culture. See our Pulse of the Profession® infographic and find out how high performers gain a competitive edge.

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Harmonize your stakeholdersHarmonize your stakeholders

Fine-tune your change management skills in “Orchestrating Total Project Success,” 24–26 August. Register today for PMI SeminarsWorld® Annapolis.

  • Success in government program management
    Government program management success
  • PMP<sup style="font-size:13px;">&reg;</sup> exam change…explained
    PMP® exam change…explained
  • Taking a Pulse
    Taking a Pulse
  • Harmonize your stakeholders
    Harmonize your stakeholders

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Designing a Successful KM StrategyMaking Projects Work

Learn how to craft appropriate communication strategies for developing and maintaining effective relationships with stakeholders. This book highlights the strengths and weaknesses of existing project controls and outlines effective communication techniques for managing expectations and acquiring the support required to deliver successful projects on time and under budget.

Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Knowledge TransferCapturing the Value of Project Management Through Knowledge Transfer

When organizations value and support knowledge transfer, they improve project outcomes by nearly 35 percent. The most effective organizations implement a five-step method for knowledge transfer — learn more in this Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report.

Don’t Let Your Retired Risks Come Back to Haunt YouDon’t Let Your Retired Risks Come Back to Haunt You

Like zombies, your retired risks can come back to life. How do you restore contingency funds for these risks, now that they are allocated elsewhere?

R.E.A.L. Knowledge at NASAR.E.A.L. Knowledge at NASA

How can organizations and practitioners best leverage project knowledge and knowledge services to get things done in the modern complex project environment?

NASA’s project practitioner-centered Knowledge Model is drawn from experience in the development of knowledge services at NASA. Explore how a knowledge model based on strategic imperatives can be developed and implemented.