Future 50
A New Generation of Leaders Has Arrived

For helping push the construction industry into the digital age

Jamie Cerexhe is on a mission to kill off the spreadsheet. What prompted his wrath? A few years ago, Doug Vincent, a program manager and project engineer, shared his experience of working on a huge government capital works program—and trying to manage it all with spreadsheets.

"We agreed there was a huge opportunity in fixing this problem," says Cerexhe. So he and Vincent partnered with tech entrepreneur Raman Nambiar to cofound Mastt, a cloud enterprise solution designed specifically for capital works. 

Mastt now supports more than 500 projects worth over AU$25 billion. In 2021, it expanded into North America and the Middle East, with plans to double its head count this year. 

The expansion may be ambitious, but Cerexhe is quick to point out that ambition has been baked into the company culture from the very start. And for other rising leaders who might be considering striking out on their own, he shares this advice: "Be willing to commit your time to something big. Don’t play it safe for fear your initial plan won’t work out."