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Most Influential Projects: Unprecedented Times Meet Unprecedented Innovation

When PMI started Most Influential Projects three years ago, no one could have imagined the disruption to The Project Economy that would soon follow. The pandemic forced organizations everywhere to adapt, meeting the moment with a mix of resilience and agility. As we unveil our third edition of Most Influential Projects, the virus still persists. Yet the initiatives we highlight reveal a promising path forward for not only containing COVID-19 but also for tackling climate change as well as rethinking cities, mobility and infrastructure. These breakthrough projects touch every part of our world and every aspect of human endeavor. 

Against all odds, scientists delivered coronavirus vaccines in record time—and teams then tried to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable populations had access to those shots. Other organizations launched projects that reshaped the workplace, whether by reimagining office spaces or mapping out new protocols for an increasingly hybrid workforce. 

We’re also celebrating future-focused initiatives in transportation, renewable energy, financial services, technology, education, architecture and space exploration. You’ll see some amazing projects where teams found ways to tailor products and services to be more inclusive and accessible. Such challenging times also mean people sometimes just needed a break, so you’ll also find projects that delivered some much-needed fun.

Our lists include nearly 250 innovative projects that aim to make the world a better place—and provide hope amid continued uncertainty. The teams behind these projects showed how collaboration and creativity can deliver groundbreaking outcomes and positive social impact.

Congratulations to the 2021 Most Influential Projects!

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