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Most Influential Projects 2022: Bold Visions for a Changed World

There’s a palpable sense of purpose in the world as we unveil our fourth edition of Most Influential Projects. After more than two years of grappling with a global health crisis, we’ve come out the other side stronger, yet also firmly aware that we stand at an inflection point. And the projects coming to the fore are strong evidence that visionaries worldwide are rising to meet the moment with bursts of mind-blowing creativity in everything from entertainment to financial services. 

We’ve seen teams boldly pursuing new ideas to tackle the climate crisis. We’ve seen teams reimagining how—and where—people learn and work. We’ve seen teams working to rethink products, services and experiences for those who too often have been excluded. We’ve seen teams exploring new methods of mobility (here on Earth and beyond).  

Some like Gucci Town or the Webb Space Telescope you’ve maybe heard about, while others like Onhwa’ Lumina or the Startup Lions Campus are probably not on your radar—yet.  

But whether you’re in biotech or construction, healthcare or retail, there is much to be learned from these teams collaborating across sectors and geography—all for the betterment of humankind. And as we look forward, it’s with hope and confidence that we can all make a difference. The future starts with projects—and we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Congratulations to the 2022 Most Influential Projects!

The New HQ

#1 Most Influential Project of 2022: The New HQ

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