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Curious how citizen development will play a role in your career?

5 Ways Citizen Development is Critical for Project Management

  1. Deliver Projects On Time

    Accelerate innovation with apps that solve day-to-day problems and increase productivity. Citizen development is a hyper-agile process that allows for multiple iterations, so projects are delivered early or on time, giving you time back. The best part? You don't have to build the apps. Anyone on the team can tackle building an app alongside their IT department.

  2. Deliver Projects Under Budget

    Provide operational cost savings by having apps built in-house with easy-to-use low-code and no-code technology. Outsourcing is expensive and can often lead to delays. Cost savings from time well spent, which means you can work on more projects in less time, pushing more solutions across the line with less headcount.
  3. Deliver On Target Projects

    Put the power of innovation into the hands of the people directly involved in projects. Project Managers and their teams are closer to their target audience than anyone else. Citizen development is a tool that allows project management teams to stay directly involved in the process of building the solution, ensuring it will be on target with their goals.
  4. Harness a Critical Skill

    Digitization is happening whether we like it or not. Citizen development is quickly becoming a crucial skill in the project management marketplace. Competition is high, so the time to adapt is now.
  5. Increase Team Satisfaction

    The hyper-agile citizen development process allows for multiple iterations at any point in the process. This not only saves time and money since changing requirements for a project is no longer a big obstacle, it also lowers barriers for getting things done. Lower barriers mean less friction. Less friction means a happier team.

Citizen Development in Action

MI-GSO | PCUBED uses citizen development and PMI's Citizen Developer guiding principles to make processes more efficient.

MI-GSO | PCUBED is the world's leading consultancy dedicated to project, program, portfolio and change management. Richard Weller, Project Management Consultant for MI-GSO | PCUBED, and his team have pushed multiple citizen development projects over the line.

Skill Finder was an internal tool built using a no-code platform to help employees find resources quickly. Instead of combing through Wiki pages of documentation, Skill Finder allows employees to find subject matter experts within the company by skill.

Time Investment

The tool only took a few hours to actually build and deploy. It was built by someone without any technical background.


Project Managers can easily and quickly connect talent with their project needs and build a team based off skillset.

What role does PMI Citizen Developer play?

PMI Citizen Developer is the world's first vendor-agnostic education suite to provide critical training to current and future citizen developers and their leaders.

  • The courses help you determine which projects are suitable for citizen development and provide crucial information to ensure you follow the right standards and best practices.
  • The Partner Program provides a centralized directory for vetted low-code and no-code technology vendors and delivery organizations, taking the guesswork out of where to start.
Why PMI?

PMI has set the standard for Project Manager training and governance. As a globally-recognized leader and the authoritative organization for project management, PMI empowers people to make ideas a reality. There's no better organization to provide training and governance for the citizen development movement.

Don't just take our word for it - see why the PM community is buzzing about citizen development. 

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