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Curious how citizen development will play a role in your career?

You've been working hard, leading project planning and execution.
Your role is crucial to getting things done.

But the landscape is changing...

54% of the workforce believes they would save 5+ hours from tools that automate tasks. According to
Gartner statistic about digital work
microsoft statistic
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Most Project Managers don't want to be developers, so why should they care?

Digitalization is happening whether we like it or not.

As organizations move towards digital workloads, projects will require more digital solutions.
When it comes to building those digital solutions, Project Managers and their teams have four options:

  1. Ask IT
  2. Outsource to a third-party
  3. Rapidly build the solution within the team or organization (ie, citizen development)
  4. Do nothing

You already know the implications of choosing option one or two.

Doing nothing is no longer an option if you want to stay competitive.

It's time to try something different, so we've curated a getting started package that can help you get started with citizen development. (And you'll never have to build an app if you don't want to!)


Download your FREE copy of the getting started with citizen development checklist from PMI.

Understanding the Value of Citizen Development

Dip your toes into the world of citizen development and learn how it can help you elevate your projects.


For PMs who are new to citizen development: 

Take CD-Foundation

For PMs who are already familiar with citizen development: 

Take CD-BA Mini-Course

More information and examples: 

Additional Resources


Suitability Scorecard

Download the Suitability Scorecard to determine if your project (or parts of it) would benefit from citizen development.