Effective and supportive activities to help PMI-KPC awareness & advancement programs build professionalism in the field of Project Management in Pakistan


Enhance effectiveness of PMI-KPC awareness and advancement programs and help organizations and professionals of all disciplines to achieve comfortable level in application of PM-knowledge, practices, skills, tools and techniques in real life challenges.

The mentoring framework is a set of rules and standards which define the process of mentoring and code of conduct of entire mentoring program. Briefly the framework has the following features:

  • 4 Levels – Induction, Progression, Challenge, Organization
  • 2 flavors – 1:1 or Group
  • 2 roles – Mentor, Mentee
  • 1 selection committee
  • 1 Project Coordinator

You can even design your own mentor program

Mentor Framework Roles


  • Any current PMI chapter member
  • Experienced Project Manager
  • Willing to share experiences and promote PM
  • Non-PMPs will be accepted on case by case


  • Any current PMI chapter member
  • Willingness to “collaborate” and learn
  • Willingness to be instructed in PM practices

Levels of Framework

The levels of the framework are described in detail as follow:

Level 1 – Mentor for Induction

(any non-PMP with experience less than 5 years)

  • Guidance for career selection,
  • Counseling for career advancement.

Level 2 – Mentor for Progression

(any PMP with experience between 5-10 years)

  • Understand the PM-profession,
  • Its application of PM-knowledge areas
  • Help professionals pursue PMP certification.

Level 3 – Mentor for Challenge

(any PMP with experience greater than 10 years)

  • Enhance competence level,
  • Pursue continuous improvement.
  • Enable further certifications such as OPM3.

Level 4 – Mentor for Organizations

  • Help organizations understand value-proposition of project management.
  • Help organizations to enhance capacity and maturity for excellence in performance.