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GAC accreditation is a peer-review process which confirms that a project management or related degree program has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and academic quality conform to comprehensive global accreditation standards.

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Handbook of Accreditation for Academic Programs

Review standards and learn more about the accreditation process.

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GAC Application Process Overview

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On-Demand Training

The GAC Training Modules instruct  programs and volunteers on standards and procedures of accreditation. They must be completed in preparation for the accreditation process.

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4-Step Application Process

Ready to apply? The GAC accreditation process is rigorous and shows a commitment to excellence in project management. A program applying for accreditation may expect the process to take approximately 10-12 months once the Letter of Intent has been accepted. 

1. Letter of Intent

The program downloads, completes, and submits the Letter of Intent, which verifies that the program meets GAC eligibility requirements. 

Download the Letter of Intent Template

2. Self-Assessment Report

The program engages in self-assessment and submits a Self Assessment Report evidencing how it meets GAC Accreditation Standards.

Download the Self Assessment Report Template

Download the Supporting Documents

SAR 5 0 Chart A Mapping Program Outcomes to GAC Areas of Focus Template

SAR 5 0 Chart B Mapping Courses to Learning Outcomes Template

SAR 5.0 D.2.11 Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Chart Template

3. Visit

Peer review by a team of experienced PM faculty and practitioners validating information in the Self-Assessment Report via a visit to the program. At the end of the visit, reviewers submit a Visit Report and Recommendation. 

4. GAC Decision

The GAC Directors review materials and base their final decision on the collective evidence provided by the Letter of Intent, the Self Assessment Report, and the Visit Report and Recommendation.

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Resources for Applicant Programs

Access a library of resources for applicant and reaffirming programs.

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GAC Events

Register for a live or pre-recorded webinar to learn more about GAC accreditation, get support for your application, and discover additional academic offerings. 

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GAC Accreditation Fee Schedule

GAC assesses fees for the conduct and maintenance of the GAC accreditation process.

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