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GAC accreditation is a peer-review process which confirms that a project management or related degree program has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and academic quality conform to comprehensive global accreditation standards.

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Handbook of Accreditation for Academic Programs

Review standards and learn more about the accreditation process.

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GAC Application Process Overview

 4-Step Application Process

Ready to apply? The GAC accreditation process is rigorous and shows a commitment to excellence in project management. A program applying for accreditation may expect the process to take approximately 10-12 months once the Letter of Intent has been accepted. 

1. Letter of Intent
2. Self-Assessment Report
3. Visit
4. GAC Decision

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GAC Accreditation Fee Schedule

GAC assesses fees for the conduct and maintenance of the GAC accreditation process.

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Ready to Apply? 

In collaboration with Weave, a specialist in accreditation portals, GAC has launched a tool that manages the full accreditation process, from the Letter of Intent through to the final Accreditation Decision. This new platform streamlines the writing and submission of accreditation materials and evidence, optimizing the review process for both programs and team members. Furthermore, the portal will house the Annual Report and the GAC Directory, improving the submission experience. Register and create a new account here.

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