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GAC accreditation is a peer-review process which confirms that a project management or related degree program has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and academic quality conform to comprehensive international accreditation standards.

GAC Accreditation - Overview and Process

A review of GAC accreditation of university programs - includes information on the application process as well as the value and benefits gained once an academic program is accredited.

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The GAC accreditation process is rigorous and shows a commitment to excellence in project management. A program applying for accreditation may expect the process to take approximately 12 months.

A Four Step Process:

  1. Letter of Intent
    The Letter of Intent provides the GAC an overview of the applicant program, verifying that the program meets GAC eligibility requirements.
    Download Letter Of Intent Template

  2. Self-Assessment Report
    The program engages in self-assessment and submits a report evidencing how it meets GAC Accreditation Standards.
    Download Self-Assessment Report Template

  3. Visit/Evaluation
    Peer review by a team of experienced PM faculty and practitioners validating information in the Self-Assessment Report via a visit with the program.

    To ensure the safety and security of GAC volunteers and applicant programs during the global pandemic, GAC has been conducting virtual visits since September 2020. Learn More

  4. GAC Decision
    The GAC Directors base their decision on the collective evidence provided by the Letter of Intent, the Self-Assessment Report, and the Visit Report and Recommendation.

Resources for Accreditation

Forms and Guides

Self-Assessment Report Examples:

To review an example of a completed Self-Assessment Report, please contact us at [email protected].

The Visit Process

Click here to access tools and training modules to prepare for your program's visit.

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GAC Accreditation Policies and Processes

Learn more about GAC policies and processes related to accreditation.

GAC Accreditation Appeals

GAC Accreditation Complaint Policy

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Planning to apply or re-affirm your program’s accreditation? GAC accreditation events give you critical information on the steps in the process.

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