Benefits of Accreditation

GAC accredited academic degree programs are members of a select group that embraces and promotes the discipline of project management.

GAC accreditation confirms that an institution’s project management degree program has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and quality meet comprehensive, global standards for accreditation. It makes a public statement about the deep commitment of the institution and its faculty to ongoing evaluation and continuous quality improvement.

GAC Accreditation - Overview and Process

A review of GAC accreditation of university programs - includes information on the application process as well as the value and benefits gained once an academic program is accredited.

Recognizes program’s commitment to educational quality & continuous improvement

Represents peer recognition & achievement of quality benchmarks

Strengthens graduate employment opportunities

Advances the profession - promotes standards of practice and advocates rigorous preparation

GAC Profiles and Articles of Interest

  • University of Limerick

    Read how the University of Limerick transformed its project management offerings with two new master’s degrees.

  • University of Maryland

    An engineering program that successfully meets the needs of students and their employers, bringing real world expertise into the classroom.

  • Boston University

    Addressing global demands for project management generated significant growth for Boston University’s program.

  • Building Global Academic Relationships

    GAC Accredited Programs collaborate to create international faculty connections, and student experiences.

Interviews with a GAC Program Representative

Project Management Advances in Alaska

Josiane Ballin

PMIAK – UAA MSPM Program Relationship Synergy Framework Project produced a framework and process workflow to facilitate identification and successful execution of projects between PMIAK and UAA MSPM Program students and faculty.

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Q & A with Bellevue University

Dr. Emad Rahim

Learn about Bellevue University, College of Science and Technology's GAC Accreditation experiences.


Q & A with Northeastern University

GAC headshot

Learn about Northeastern University's Project Management Programs

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University of Sydney Simulation

University of Sydney

Read how the University of Sydney develops the project management professionals of today and tomorrow using simulations that motivate and engage students, driving communication, collaboration and teamwork.

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Q & A with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Tracey Richardson

Learn about Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s GAC Accreditation experiences.

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