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Upcoming Webinars

The PMI Global Accreditation Center is hosting information webinars. The prospective, applicant, and reaffirming program representatives are encouraged to attend GAC webinars.  Attendees will be able to interact with GAC Directors and staff, current visit team members, and project management faculty from other institutions. Current and prospective Visit Team Volunteers will benefit from GAC webinars. Directors and Team Members will provide instruction focusing on serving in these roles.

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Recorded Webinars

The Global Accreditation Center for Project Management invites you to watch pre-recorded webinars focusing on the accreditation process, accreditation visits, and volunteer experiences.

Rebecca Lippert and Dana Pavel headshot

Best Practices for Assessing Program Learning Outcomes

Assessing student achievement of program learning outcomes can be a challenge for project management program directors. Join this free webinar to learn best practices for designing and executing an effective assessment process. Hear from Dr. Dana Pavel, GAC accreditation team volunteer and accreditation expert, and Dr. Rebecca Lippert, Manager, GAC on how to meet GAC’s accreditation standards. Both program representatives and accreditation team volunteers can benefit from this webinar, with programs learning how to better align learning outcomes with GAC standards, and volunteers gaining a deeper understanding of what evidence and outcomes to look for in program submissions.

Presented by Rebecca Lippert and Dana Pavel

  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD, PMP® – Manager, GAC

  • Dana Pavel, PhD - Business Professor & Faculty Coach, Capella University

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Lippert Alpert Volz Speakers

Demystifying the GAC Accreditation Process

Thinking about applying for accreditation but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Join Dr. Rebecca Lippert, Manager, GAC, as she provides an overview of PMI’s Global Accreditation Center (GAC) and discusses the value and benefits of attaining GAC accreditation. You will also hear from a panel of representatives from GAC accredited programs as they share their first-hand experiences, provide insight into the accreditation process, and share how accreditation has enhanced their programs while also benefiting their students.

Presented by Rebecca Lippert, Shannon Alpert, and Stephen Volz

  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD, PMP, GAC Manager
  • Shannon Alpert, EdD, PMP, Program Lead and Assistant Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
  • Stephen Volz, DBA, PMP, CMQ/OE, SPHR, Assistant Dean, DeVry University

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Lippert, Torres, Armijos, Bujaczek GAC Webinar Speaker

Best Practices on Partnering with Universities

The global economy will need a total of 25 million new project professionals by 2030. How can your chapter build the project manager pipeline and prepare for the future? Learn more about the value of a GAC-accredited degree, the benefits chapters receive from partnering with universities with a GAC-accredited degree, and how GAC and chapter leaders can effectively collaborate.

Presented by Alejandro Romero-Torres, Alfredo Armijos, and Avree Bujaczek

  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD, GAC Manager
  • Alejandro Romero-Torres, PhD, PMP, Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal, GAC Chair
  • Alfredo Armijos, MBA, PMP, Program Director, ESPAE Graduate School of Management
  • Avree Bujaczek, PMP, Graduate, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

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GAC Accreditation Team Resources

Learn more about the topic of GAC Accreditation Team Resources! Hear from GAC Directors Dr. Simona Bonghez and Dr. Nathan Johnson, GAC Manager Dr. Rebecca Lippert, and GAC Accreditation Specialist Ms. Cheryl Stum on each guide provided to GAC Accreditation Visit Teams and how these can best be used to conduct an effective visit and while writing an effective ad organized Visit Report and Recommendation. This webinar will benefit GAC accreditation team members. Program faculty will benefit as they prepare for an accreditation visit. 

Presented by Dr. Simona Bonghez, Dr. Nathan Johnson, Dr. Rebecca Lippert, and Ms. Cheryl Stum

  • Simona Bonghez, PhD, PMP, Managing Director of Colors in Projects, Lecturer at National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, GAC Director
  • Dr. Nathan Johnson, PhD, MPA, PMP, Project Management Graduate Programs, Western Carolina University, and GAC Director
  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD,Manager, Global Accreditation Center
  • Cheryl Stum, Accreditation Specialist II, Global Accreditation Center

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PMI Academic Offerings Webinar speakers

PMI Academic Offerings for Higher Education Institutions

PMI offerings for universities are designed to boost employability, improve program quality, and set your students up for success in project management careers. Enhance the quality, reputation, offerings, and visibility of your programs with one or more of our solutions. Join us to learn more about opportunities to collaborate with us and boost your students’ skills and career opportunities. Learn more about becoming a PMI Authorized Training Partner, pursuing accreditation of your degree program through PMI’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs, and acquiring Group Student Membership giving them the tools to get started in a project management career.

Presented by Juliana Correa, Rebecca Lippert, EdD and Helena Jones

  • Juliana Correa, Youth and Academic Lead, Europe
  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD, Manager, Global Accreditation Center
  • Helena Jones, Channel and ATP Engagement Manager, Europe

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PMI in Portunol - GAC in Latin America

Global Accreditation Center in Latin America

Learn more about PMI's Global Accreditation Center in Latin America.  Hear from experts as they provide an overview of GAC and discuss the value and benefits of attaining GAC accreditation in Latin America. Program Representatives share their first-hand experiences and how GAC accreditation has enhanced their programs and prepared students for employment growth.

Presented by André Barcaui, Rosanna Beatriz, Gonzalo Esparza Soto, Rebecca Lippert, and Victor Villar

  • André Barcaui, Professor, Author, UFRJ
  • Rosanna Beatriz, Continuous Improvement & Internationalization Coordinator, ESPAE
  • Gonzalo Esparza Soto, Management & Business Development 
  • Rebecca Lippert, Manager, PMI's Global Accreditation Center
  • Victor Villar, Program Director of Graduate Administration and Project Management

Hosted by Murilo Durigan, Project Management Institute, Marketing

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June 2023 Webinar Expecting the Unexpected Speakers

Expecting the Unexpected

Watch a webinar on the topic of GAC Accreditation Visits: Expecting the Unexpected! Hear from experienced GAC Visit Team Lead and Team Member, Timothy Muth, on best practices in preparation for a GAC Accreditation Visit and ways to maintain success when you are faced with unexpected challenges.

Presented by Timothy Muth, Rebecca Lippert, and Cheryl Stum

  • Timothy Muth, MBA, GAC Site Visit Team Lead and Team Member, Instructor - Florida Institute of Technology
  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD, Manager, GAC
  • Cheryl Stum, Accreditation Specialist II, GAC

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GAC Webinar Presenters June 2023 webinar

Using Case Studies to Teach Project Management - An Opportunity to Learn by Doing

Using case studies in class disrupts traditional teaching to better engage students in their learning process, from descriptive case studies to serious games. Case studies can illustrate concepts and promote the multiplication of points of view rooted in a historical context. Join this webinar to hear from GAC-accredited program representatives about different types of case studies and learn how to best include case studies in project management courses.

Presented by Tiendung (TJ) Le, Yvan Petit, Shankar Sankaran, Alejandro Romero-Torres

  • Tiendung (TJ) Le, PhD, DASSMSenior Lecturer and Program Manager, School of Property, Construction and Project Management, RMIT 
  • Yvan Petit, PhD, PMP, ProfessorSchool of Business at Université du Québec à Montréal · Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Alejandro Romero-Torres, PhD, GAC Director, ProfessorSchool of Business at Université du Québec à Montréal · Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Shankar Sankaran, PhD, PMP, GAC Director, Professor at the School of Building Environment, University of Technology


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GAC Accreditation Overview and Process

PMI’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) assures accredited project management and related degree programs are relevant, student-focused, and accountable. Join Dr. Rebecca Lippert, Manager, GAC Director Professor Martin Tuuli, as they provide an overview of GAC and discuss the value and benefits of attaining GAC accreditation. You will also hear from a panel of representatives from GAC accredited programs as they share their first-hand experiences and how accreditation has enhanced their programs while benefiting their students.

Presented by Giel Bekker, Rebecca Lippert, Martin Tuuli, Kenneth Vusumuzi Masiba

  • Giel Bekker, PhD, Associate Professor and Program Lead in Project Management, University of Pretoria
  • Rebeca Lippert, EdD, Manager, GAC
  • Martin Tuuli, PhD, Deputy Rector and Professor of Construction Business & Project Management, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), and GAC Director
  • Kenneth Vusumuzi Masiba, AdvDipPM, PGDipPM, McomPM, Project Management Faculty Academic, Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)

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GAC PMBOK 7 Webinar Presenters

GAC and PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition: Faculty Guidance and Perspectives on Revising Your Curriculum

Learn about PMI resources for bridging the gap between PMBOK® Guide 6th and 7th editions and how aligning curriculum with the PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition benefits students and graduates in preparation for the workforce. Hear from GAC faculty members on their process to revise their curriculum and receive guidance on how to make the leap from the PMBOK® Guide 6th to 7th edition.

Presented by Ron Darnell, Leah Huf, Richard Hughes, Bill Johnson, Joshua Parrot, and Dennis Sherman

  • Ron Darnell, PhD, PMP, Professor/Program Coordinator, Amberton University
  • Leah Huf, Product Manager, PMI
  • Richard Hughes, MPM, Project Coordinator and Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, School of Business and Law
  • Bill Johnson, MSPM, PMP, Project Director, Graduate Programs in Project Management, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
  • Joshua Parrot, Product Specialist, PMI
  • Dennis Sherman, PhD, PMP, Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Houston, Cullen College of Engineering, Technology Division


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Lippert Srinivasan Toma Presenters

GAC Accreditation Eligibility Requirements Standards Revision

Learn more about the release of the Handbook of Accreditation for Academic Programs in Project Management and Related Programs - Fifth Edition (5.0), including revised eligibility requirements and accreditation standards. Hear from GAC Manager Dr. Rebecca Lippert and GAC Directors regarding the changes and transition to the new accreditation standards.

Presented by Rebecca Lippert, Krishnan Srinivasan, and Tetsuya Toma

  • Rebecca Lippert, EdD, GAC Manager
  • Krishnan Srinivasan, PMP. DA, University of Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
  • Tetsuya Toma, PhD, PMP, Keio University, Japan

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Four Student Presenters - GAC Webinar

GAC 2022 Scholarship Recipient Panel Discussion

Hear from a panel of GAC Scholarship winners as they discuss the impact of studying at a GAC accredited program and how it has helped them develop their project management skillset. This webinar will benefit Project management faculty and students interested in learning more about the benefits of GAC.  

Presented by PMI's Global Accreditation Center's 2022 Scholarship Recipients

  • Azmeen Bhabhrawala, MSc Technology Project Management at the University of Houston
  • Maria Fé De Izcue, MSc Project Management at Northeastern University (Toronto) 
  • Sanjana Murali, MSc Project Management at Northeastern University
  • Anthony Ugwu, MSc Project Management at Robert Gordon University 

Moderated by Dr. Rebecca Lippert, GAC Manager


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PMI's Affiliate Program Overview and Eligible Partners

Learn more about PMI's Affiliate Program and Eligible Partners. This webinar is for GAC Accredited Programs, Purpose Partners, PMI Chapters and Coalition of Associations.

Presented by Gabrielle Agosto and Rebecca Lippert

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Headshots of Griffin, Muth and White

GAC Accreditation Best Practices for Writing the Self-Assessment Report

Learn best practices for the GAC Self-Assessment Report. This webinar will benefit programs and visit team members. Programs will gain knowledge in writing an effective report. Onsite Team Members will gain insight into a quality SAR. Hear from the perspective of a GAC Director, a GAC Program Director, and GAC Onsite Team Leads. Ask questions and share ideas through break-out discussion.

Presented by Joseph Griffin, Timothy Muth, and Karen White

  • Joseph Griffin, DMin, PMP®, GAC Director, Interim Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School of Education and Professional Programs; Associate Teaching Professor, College of Professional Studies - Northeastern University
  • Timothy Muth, MBA, GAC Onsite Visit Team Lead and Team Member, Instructor - Florida Institute of Technology
  • Karen White, DBA, PMP®, GAC Program Director, and GAC Onsite Visit Team Lead and Team Member, PMI Fellow Program Director, Sr. Lecturer - Granite State College

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Rebecca Lippert

Overview of the Global Accreditation Center

Learn about PMI's Global Accreditation Center and the benefits of receiving GAC accreditation! GAC Manager, Rebecca Lippert, provides an overview of the Global Accreditation Center and answers the questions "Why should my project management program seek accreditation?" and "How does my program apply for accreditation?" You will benefit from this informative webinar if you are a project management program director, academic head or new GAC volunteer.

Presented by Dr. Rebecca Lippert

  • Dr. Rebecca Lippert, EdD has over 16 years of experience in higher education administration and has expertise working with universities in the areas of institutional improvement and accreditation. She has served extensively as a volunteer peer evaluator conducting reviews of academic programs undergoing accreditation reaffirmation. 

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Nebil and Nathan

GAC Accreditation Best Practices

Learn best practices for serving as a GAC Volunteer Team Member. Hear from expert GAC Volunteers and a GAC Director on the role of a GAC team member and team lead and how to prepare for and conduct an effective visit with applicants and reaffirming GAC programs. This webinar will benefit GAC accreditation visit team members. 


Presented by Dr. Nebil Buyurgan and Dr. Nathan Johnson

  • Dr. Nebil Buyurgan, PhD Project Management Graduate Program Director, Missouri State University
  • Dr. Nathan Johnson, PhD, MPA, PMP, Project Management Graduate Programs, Western Carolina University, and Director for the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC).


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