About the GAC

Established in 2001

Over 170 Degree Programs

Member of ASPA

The Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) is an independent academic accreditation body with policies, procedures, and standards for project, program, portfolio management, and related programs at the bachelor’s, post graduate, and doctoral degree levels.

The mission of GAC is to advance excellence in education worldwide. Its primary objective is to ensure that GAC accredited programs prepare students to meet business and government organizations' current and anticipated needs for qualified professionals in the field.

GAC is a member of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA), which advances the knowledge, skills, good practices, and ethical commitments of accreditors to enhance educational quality.

Watch the video to learn more about the steps involved for universities in the accreditation process and the value of accreditation for academic programs. 

GAC Accreditation: Value, Benefits, and Process

A review of GAC accreditation of university programs including the value, benefits, and process of GAC accreditation.

The GAC Directors

The GAC is governed by the GAC Directors, who serve as the policy-making body in all matters related to GAC Accreditation of academic programs in the field of project, program, and portfolio management and are solely responsible for all related decisions.

This volunteer group comprises seven to thirteen members, with a majority of members drawn from academia and one public member.

Alejandro Romero-Torres

Alejandro Romero-Torres, PhD, PMP, SPC


Université du Québec à Montréal


Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson, PhD, PMP                        

Vice Chair

Western Carolina University

United States

Rebecca Lippert Headshot

Rebecca Lippert, EdD                              


Project Management Insitute

United States

Simona Bonghez, Ph.D., PMP

Simona Bonghez, PhD, PMP                      

Colors in Projects


Joseph Griffin

Joseph Griffin, DMin, PMP                 

Northeastern University

United States


Karuna Jain, PhD

Karuna Jain, PhD           

Indian Institute of Technology

Bombay Powai


Robert Reid headshot

Robert Reid, EdD          

Consultant and Executive Coach

United States

Shankar Sankaran, PhD, MEng, BSc, PMP

Shankar Sankaran, PhD, PMP

University of Technology Sydney


Qian Shi

Qian Shi, PhD                 

Tongi University


Krishnan Srinivasan  GAC Director

Krishnan Srinivasan PMP, DA                      

University Malaysia Pahang


Langes Supramaniam

Langes Supramaniam, PMP

Cardiff Met University

United Kingdom

Tetsuya Toma

Tetsuya Toma, PhD, PMP

Keio University


Martin Morgan

Martin Morgan Tuuli, PhD

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration


Victor Villar headshot

Victor Villar, PMP

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas