GAC Annual Report

During the period of a program’s GAC Accreditation, an annual report shall be filed annually. This report contains demographic information about the accredited program, such as current enrollment, graduates, number of faculty, etc. This report also notes any minor changes or improvements in the accredited program(s) or the institution where it is housed. 


Approximately 30 to 45 days before the annual report submission deadline, GAC staff send the primary contact for the program instructions for completion of the report. 

The report collects the following information related to the accredited program:

  1. Program contact
  2. Program locations
  3. Program delivery modality
  4. University and program faculty data
  5. University and program student data (enrollment/graduates)
  6. Measures of student achievement
  7. Course/module data and continuous improvement activities
  8. Reporting on good practices, innovations, and achievements 

Annual reports are reviewed by GAC staff. The data are used to evaluate program compliance with accreditation standards, assess program trends, and measure GAC accreditation impact. 

Please refer to the Program Fee Schedule for information on the Annual Report Late Fee.