GAC Annual Report

During the period of a program’s GAC Accreditation, an annual report must be filed online once per year.

This report notes any changes/improvements in the accredited degree program or the institution where it is housed.

This online report is the current process employed to collect the required GAC annual report information.

Process Overview

Approximately 30 to 45 days prior to the annual report submission deadline GAC Staff will send the primary point of contact at the accredited program a link to the individualized “GAC Annual Report.” Any information that the GAC Offices have on file for the program will “pre-populate” the online form.

The accredited program will then complete the rest of the report with relevant information. Once completed, the accredited program prints a copy of the form for its records and submits the completed form to the GAC Offices.

Report Overview

The report focuses on the following information related to the accredited program:

  1. Demographics
  2. Accredited program description/ delivery modality
  3. Academic faculty and staff
  4. Students (enrollment/graduates)
  5. Curriculum (new/deletions/revisions)
  6. Program Continuous improvement activities.
  7. Reporting on good practices, innovations, achievements
  8. Other significant change