Progress Report Policy & Process

GAC accredited programs with Requirements arising from the GAC Accreditation Decision must submit a Progress Report. 



  • It is the required method by which Programs report their progress in addressing “Opportunities for Improvement – Binding” noted in the GAC - Accreditation Decision Letter.

    Originally this information was included in the GAC Annual Report submitted by each accredited program. Beginning with the 2018 GAC Annual Report, how a program has addressed the “Opportunities for Improvement – Binding” has been moved to an “Annual GAC Progress Report.” This will allow GAC to have greater understanding over the actions that an accredited program has taken to address issues that were of concern, as well as to make decisions regarding the program’s reporting/actions/evidence about these opportunities.

  • There are two times per year when this report is submitted to the GAC:

    • 28 February, and
    • 30 September

    Programs are advised in their initial decision letter when their first Progress Report is due. Subsequent reports may be requested by GAC upon review of the initial submission.

    Programs that do not submit a required Progress Report put their accreditation at risk.

  • The Program must submit a summary report by the due date mandated by GAC, noting actions and evidence:

    • Addressing the Opportunities for Improvement – Binding, for Partially Aligned or Not Aligned elements of the GAC Accreditation Standards, noted in its most recent GAC Accreditation Decision Letter,
    • Displaying the Program’s current alignment to the GAC Accreditation Standards.
  • Upon receipt of the Program’s Progress Report, the GAC Directors make a decision regarding the actions, evidence and summary report submitted and makes a decision on the Report. The decision can be:

    1. Progress Report accepted, no further Progress Reports or actions required.
    2. Progress Report received. Additional information required before a decision can be made.
    3. Progress Report accepted; continuation of reporting required for the upcoming year.
    4. Progress Report received. An Onsite Visit is required prior to further action.
    5. Progress Report received. The program did not show any progress towards addressing the Partial and Not Aligned GAC Accreditation Standards elements. Accreditation is revoked.

Progress Report Process

1. Program representative receives GAC Decision letter noting:

  • Requirement that the Program address “Requirements” for program elements that are Partially Aligned or Not Aligned to the GAC Accreditation Standards as noted in the GAC Visit Report.
  • Instructions regarding submission of Progress Report on the Program’s actions/evidence and reporting on each of the GAC Decisions.

2. The program submits a Progress Report to [email protected] by the deadline stated in the GAC Decision letter.

3. GAC Staff reviews the Progress Report for completeness. GAC staff follows up with the Program if there are any questions that need resolution prior to step 4.

4. Once GAC Staff deems the Progress Report complete, it is forwarded to the GAC Directors for a decision (see decisions noted above).

5. GAC Staff sends a notification to the Program who submitted the Progress Report with the next steps, dependent upon the GAC Directors’ decision.