Chapter Awards FAQs


  • Up to 21 Chapter finalists are selected which includes one chapter in each size category per region. Of those 21 finalists, three “Chapter of the Year Award” winners are selected (one in each size category. Winners can be from any macro-region).

    Size Categories: 

    Category I: 25 – 300 Members
    Category II: 301 – 1500 Members 
    Category III: 1501+ Members 

    Regions (Up to 21 Finalists and three Award Winners): 

    1. Asia Pacific (Mentor Regions 9, 10, 15)

    2. Europe (Mentor Region 8)

    3. South Asia (Mentor Region 11)

    4. Latin America (Mentor Region 13)

    5. Middle East/North Africa (Mentor Region 12)

    6. North America (Mentor Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14)

    7. Sub-Saharan Africa (Mentor Region 16)

  • PMI chapters are invited to apply and submit the Chapter Awards Survey if they have met the following requirements:

    1. Chapters must submit the annual Charter Renewal by 31 March. This includes but is not limited to the accompanying documents required like Annual Plans and Core Services Worksheet.

    2. Chapter meets all “required criteria” as outlined in the annual Charter Renewal, Chapter Charter Agreement, and Catalog of Core Services.

    3. Chapter is chartered for one or more calendar years.

    4. Chapter is in good standing with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for the period covered by the nomination.

    5. Two out of the following three criteria were met for the business year 2022:

    a. The chapter meets or exceeds average retention rates in the chapter’s mentor region

    b. The chapter meets or exceeds the average score for overall member satisfaction in the chapter’s mentor region

    c. The chapter meets or exceeds the average score for Chapter Recommendation Score (formerly known as Chapter Net Promoter Score) in the chapter’s mentor region

  • There is no fee required to participate.

  • Upon receipt of the criteria data, PMI Chapter Engagement staff members validate that the chapter is an eligible candidate. The Chapter Awards Review Committee consists of 10 volunteers who review and score each survey application. 

    The Chapter Awards Review Committee reviews the surveys independently using a scoring evaluation process based on the individual award criteria. All scores are compiled by PMI staff. Top scoring chapters will be selected as finalists (as per the category criteria above). 

    One winner will be selected in each of the three size categories. The Chapter Awards Review Committee is not obligated to select a winner for an award if it feels that none of the participants meet the criteria.

  • The finalists and winners will be recognized during PMI Global Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 25-28 October 2023.

  • As a PMI Chapter, it is important to recognize your success throughout the entire PMI community. The PMI Chapter Awards Program gathers best practices to share and allows other chapters to grow and be successful based on proven programs. This program allows chapters to reflect and record their achievements for the past year.

  • 1. If a chapter pre-qualifies, they will receive an email with a link and a unique Token Number to access the Chapter Awards Survey.

    2. All responses must be in English.

    3. Be aware of the critical dates indicated in the email and on the site.

    4. Carefully review and follow the instructions and submission notes included with the Awards Survey communication (link and the survey itself).

    • Seek additional advice from PMI staff regarding the process by contacting your Chapter Administrator and Chapter Partner.
    • Award survey responses must be concise and in 500 words or less.
    • Ask an objective person (another board member) to review the Awards Survey responses.
  • 1. Member Recruitment and Retention
    Members are the lifeblood of the chapter. In brief statements, please describe if your chapter’s membership remained steady, increased, or shrunk and what your successes or lessons learned were by answering the following questions.

    • What percentage of chapter members were new in 2022?
    • What was your chapter’s member retention rate in 2022 (percentage of members who renewed the membership from 2021 to 2022)?
    • Is membership growth better, worse, or the same as in 2021? Why?
    • What specific chapter strategies, tactics, or initiatives did you start in 2022 that contributed to member acquisition and retention?

    2. Volunteering
    Volunteerism is at the core of chapter success. In brief statements, please describe your volunteer engagement practices and what your successes or lessons learned were by answering the following questions.

    • What percentage of your chapter volunteers started contributing their time and efforts to the chapter for the first time in 2022?
    • What is one program or tactic you feel is the strongest and exemplifies volunteer engagement, recruitment, and/or retention in your chapter?

    3. Communications and Outreach
    In brief statements, please describe how you communicate with chapter members and potential members, and how the public can learn about your chapter.

    • Please list the methods and channels of member communications. Please include the frequency with each (for example, e-newsletter: bi-weekly, LinkedIn posts: 2-3 times per week, etc.)
    • What is the most successful and effective way your chapter communicates with members and stakeholders? Please describe the communication, frequency, impact, and any metrics to support it (for example, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions).

    4. Events and Professional Development
    Your members are expecting quality professional development and networking opportunities from your chapter. Please describe what is special about your events and professional development program by answering the following questions:

    • What are one or two most successful, new, and/or flagship professional development programs in your chapter in 2022? Please describe the event (s). How did you define success? Please use data and measurable outcomes to support your statement (for example, what percentage of your membership (unique members) attended this event, did it lead to new member recruitment, etc.?
    • How many events have you conducted in the past year? What percentage of your membership was engaged (attended) on average across all events combined?

    5. Other Programs or Initiatives
    PMI chapters engage with members and the community in many ways. Please answer the following questions to let us know about any other programs or one-time initiatives in 2022.

    • Aside from what you shared above, has your chapter started any new, different, or better program or initiative in 2022? If you have data, please include it to support your statement.
    • What are some ongoing programs and initiatives (not necessarily new) your chapter is especially proud of (guest pass program, engagement of special interest groups (students, rising leaders, women, military), social impact projects, other…)? Please use metrics to demonstrate the impact.
    • Why do you think your Chapter should be awarded the Chapter of the Year? What makes your chapter stand apart from others? Use this space to describe how your chapter is unique and special.
  • The finalist chapters will get 1) Recognition at the PMI Global Summit and 2) Use the finalist seal on the chapter website. And the winners, in addition to the above, will receive 1) a winner seal and a 2) mention in PMInsight.

  • 31 March Deadline for Chapters to submit their Charter Renewals to PMI
    1 June Invitation to enter the Chapter of the Year program sent to eligible/ pre-qualified Chapters via email to the Chapter Presidents
    9 July Deadline for chapters to submit award applications through an online platform
    Mid-July Chapter Awards Review Committee begins the award entry review and scoring process
    August Deadline for Chapter Awards Review Committee to complete review of all entries
    Early September Award finalists notified
    25-28 October Award finalists recognized and winners announced at the PMI Global Summit
  • The Chapter Awards Program is administered by the PMI Global Chapter Engagement Department, working closely with the Chapter Awards Review Committee of volunteers.

  • Chapters that are invited to apply will click on the invitation email. Follow the instructions in the email by selecting the unique link and entering the token number provided. Both are required to access the nomination form.

  • Once the Chapter Awards Survey is completed, the Chapter Awards Program Manager will be notified through the system.

  • Contact [email protected] and the invitation email will be resent.

  • Check your Spam and Junk Email folders.

  • Forward the invitation email to that board member, as the survey application must be accessed using the unique link and token number detailed in the invitation email.

  • A solidified due date will be included in the email invitation. After that timeframe, you will no longer have access to the form.

  • Please contact the PMI office immediately if you are having issues accessing the form by emailing: [email protected]

  • Chapters submitting a Chapter Award survey grant PMI permission to publicize the contents for the purpose of promoting and sharing the accomplished best practices. An electronic signature or scanned signature is not necessary. By submitting the survey, the chapter is granting this permission. Sensitive information not for disclosure should be indicated at the time of submission.