Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP)

The Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP) is PMI's official volunteer recruitment tool and is the number one place interested volunteers go to get involved.

By utilizing VEP your chapter can tap into over 100,000+ volunteers who have already expressed an interest in volunteering. Based on user feedback and best practices, the platform is continuously updated with new functionality and increased efficiencies to provide a more user-friendly and integrated volunteer recruitment experience for chapters.


Timeline for Updates:

  • Q3 2023: Our release in August of 2023 centers around enhancements to the Supervisor experience. This release includes:
    • Brand new Assign Roles screen that will allow Supervisors to see and manage access for all Recruiters & Supervisors in their chapter
    • Ability to have multiple Recruiters on one opportunity, and sunsetting of the Reviewer role
  • Q2 2023: In June of 2023, we partnered with the ThoughtSpot team to deliver two new volunteer reports providing access to data from VEP. These reports provide chapters with self-service access to volunteer data for the first time. See the below Data section for more information on accessing this data.
  • Q1 2023: In March of 2023, the first iteration of updates to the Volunteer Engagement Platform was released. This release prioritized enhancements to the user interface and styles. Included in that update was:
    • New mobile-friendly webpages
    • Updated styles throughout the web app
    • Transition from VRMS to VEP in naming
    • URL change from to
    • Shift from Coordinator to Recruiter in naming conventions
    • Updated guidance for chapters on how to best use the system
    • New “Chapter Opportunities” screen that allows Chapter Supervisors to see all opportunities at the chapter, view applications, and extend offers
    • Also included in this release are bug fixes and minor enhancements.
  • Later in the year into early 2024, VEP feature releases will focus on the volunteer experience, including search, applications, orientation, & onboarding. Stay tuned to PMInsight to stay in the loop on upcoming new features!


Why use VEP?

The VEP offers volunteers a consistent experience, including annual recognition from PMI global, and is integrated with all of PMI’s digital platforms.


Resources & Training



Two volunteer reports are now available in ThoughtSpot:

  • Chapter Opportunities & Applications
  • Chapter Member Service History

For access to ThoughtSpot, please reach out to your chapter president or PMI regional staff. They are most familiar with your specific chapter data needs! Your regional contacts can be found here.


Contact Us

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