LIMC alumni

The LIMC - Leadership Institut Master Class is a 12-month program promoted by PMI globally to grow its volunteers who are engaged - elected or nominated - in chapter roles. Through a selection divided into several phases, each year the PMI constitutes a class made up of around thirty participants from all over the world.

In the early years of the program, the LIMC was organized across multiple classes in different geographic areas. In more recent years, the LIMC is divided into a single class that meets three times, throughout the year, in the United States, to work together and under the guidance of qualified trainers and coaches, in order to deepen the issues of leadership and communication, in favor of the members and the communities of reference. Between one-to-one meeting and the other, the participants work in virtual mode in small teams.

LIMC 2018

Cinzia Pellegrino and Dalia Vodice

LIMC 2016

Giorgio Bensa

LIMC 2015

Stefano Setti


Donatella Calderini, Michele Maritato and Fabio Rigamonti

LIMC 2013 North America

Gianmarco Antonelli and Giorgio Difronzo

LIMC 2011 Latin America

Maria Cristina Barbero

LIMC 2011 North America

Giusi Meloni and Michela Ruffa