Social Impact Statement

The Northern Italy Chapter, since 2021, has started the publishing of the Social Impact Statement, an official document that explains in a clear and transparent way all the initiatives put in place by the association.

While the Financial Statement offers a mere economical view of the Chapter status, the Social Impact Statement wants to let different stakeholders to know all the social and environmental results achieved by the Chapter, that can't be just related to expenses and revenues:

  • members can have a complete understanding of all the projects that their organization has put in place for their personal and professional growth;
  • our current volunteers can see their constant effort celebrated, and prospect ones can find the motivation to join our community;
  • other non-profit organizations can get stimulated to open future collaborations;
  • companies that are or want to be project oriented can find in PMI and in the Chapter a focal point for the professional development of their employees;
  • all project management professionals and change makers can get interested in joining our membership.


Read the Bilancio Sociale 2023