Volunteer Opportunities

At PMI-NIC you are sure to find a volunteering opportunity to suit your personal and professional expectations, time constraints and physical or virtual availability.

If you are a "first timer" and you are interested in meeting other practitioners in your area, you could join the team of the regional branch closest to you. Branches have a wide range of activities from organizing events to setting up interviews for podcasts, or networking with local industries and professional associations. All our Branches are also involved in inter-branches projects, social good activities (schools or universities), and they are always experimenting new ways to engage our members.

If you are more interested in "going behind the scenes" of the Chapter activities, you could join one of the teams that help the Executive Committee to run the Chapter. For the most part Chapters teams collaborate virtually.

Volunteering with a Branch or Chapter team usually entails you for a minimum of one year term during which you will have several opportunities to contribute to the growth of our community and.. why not? decide to run for a position in the Executive Committee at the next elections!

Last but not least, our Chapter initiates and manages several projects, often with other chapters. Each project has a dedicated team of volunteers: this is the best choice if you prefer to commit for a specific goal and a specific time range. Projects are our pride and joy and vary considerably: "big events", organizational transformation, research, international cooperation and always more to come. All of them are great moments of professional development, experimentation, exploration and personal growth.

We value our volunteers as they are the backbone of our Chapter and we run programs specifically designed to engage and inspire them. If you decide to join us, you will be able to attend VEP (Volunteering Empowering Program) and "All about PMI" dedicated initiatives.

VEP is structured in face-to-face study groups facilitated by expert volunteers and LIMC Alumni focusing on servant leadership, ethics, communications, PMI structure and the Chapter governance model. "All about PMI" is a series of webinars addressing the latest trend and news in PMI's world.

VEP and "All about PMI" are usually held in alternate years.

Check periodically the VRMS platform to find open calls or contact [email protected] for details.