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President's Message

Giusi Meloni

Dear colleagues, 2023 was the "harvesting year" for our Chapter: the seeds we planted in the previous years, streamlining our processes, making courageous choices, and fostering the sense of community have ripen results and we have reached the highest membership number in our history with 2700 members: on behalf of all PMI-NIC volunteers I wish to thank new and old members for the trust and the support you show us.

While we are still experimenting to find the right balance between virtual experiences and in person events, we continue to strive to offer you a membership experience that goes “beyond events”, aiming to be a “knowledge bridge” between different cultures: local, organizational, and professional ones. This applies not only to events but also to the media through which we share knowledge and expertise with you.

We strongly believe in the value of regional and global collaboration, and we continue to participate and/or promote joint initiatives with other Italian and European Chapters:

“Together We Can” is one to the PMI Culture Values that guided us in successfully hosting the 6th PMI Italy Chapters National Forum and in 2024 we will continue to actively participate to two PMI European initiatives which look into the future of our profession and that of our planet: stay tuned for the AI in Project Management and the Climate Crisis updates.

“Aim higher” is the other PMI Culture Value that inspired us when we defined our goals for 2024 and planned to go beyond our “comfort zone”, broadening our reach towards young professionals and project-oriented organizations.

We have always been proud of our motto “Passion and Professionalism” and the history of our Chapter shows an incredible record of being “ahead of times” in many of our initiatives from research to education and social good projects to new event formats and innovative media.

We believe it’s now time to embrace the duty of foresight and drive our passion towards a wider field to advocate professionalism where it can make a difference for our current and future community.

PMI Northern Italy's Forest

For its 25th Anniversary, our Chapter wanted to do something to leave a great impact on the global community, going beyond the boundaries of our association.

For this reason, we planted 2500 trees, each one as a gift for each of our members. This initiative has been highly appreciated and we decided to continue, adding a new tree for any new member.

You can track the impact on carbon emissions of the "PMI Northern Italy's Forest" by clicking the button below.

The same smart button is on different pages of our website: it tracks the site views, calculates their related CO2 emissions and automatically plants the trees needed to compensate for them: another good reason to visit our site frequently!

Northern Italy, Net Zero Website


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