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President's Message

Giusi Meloni

Dear Colleagues,

before I started writing this year message, I thought to ask ChatGpt “what is a PMI Chapter?” and then “what about PMI Northern Italy Chapter?” Both answers were formally correct, with statements such as “PMI Chapters provide local project management professional with opportunities to connect, lean and share knowledge and best practices in project management”.

Nothing to object there, this is exactly what our Chapter aims to do and, furthermore, our objectives for 2023 are perfectly aligned with this statement.


What about our vibrant and diverse community of almost 2500 members? Why is the passion of our volunteers not mentioned? Where is the sense of belonging testified by our retention rate throughout the years?

If you are looking for what our Chapter is about, I suggest you read The Hub, listen to a podcast on Project Management On The Go, bring your lunch box to one of our short webinars from 13:30 to 14:00 and/or attend one of our evening webinars.

Ready to return in person? In 2023 we have several AperiNIC, our Branches networking events, and you don’t want to miss the return in person of the PMI Italy Chapter National Project Management Forum to be held in Bologna on 6th October 2023. If you are new in our Chapter, you can join our NIC-Mate program and a “senior” member will guide you through your first year with us.

If you wish to know more of what we have planned, do check our Annual Plan 2023 on the members’ reserved area of this site and, since you are there, you might want to browse through our Social Report for 2022.

Are you a social media type of person? Do keep in touch with us on our LinkedIn page: there you will find all the updates on “NIC4JOB” (job postings), the events and The LINK, our new monthly LinkedIn newsletter.

Finally, your ideas, experience and knowledge are the Chapter most valuable asset and there are many ways to contribute to the growth of our professional community: volunteering in our teams and/or projects, write an article, propose a podcast, share a job opportunity in your organization, be a speaker in one of our events… and more.

In the words of our CEO Pierre LeMahn, let’s connect, share, and give back!

PMI Northern Italy's Forest

For its 25th Anniversary, our Chapter wanted to do something to leave a great impact on the global community, going beyond the boundaries of our association.

For this reason, we planted 2500 trees, each one as a gift for each of our members. This initiative has been highly appreciated and we decided to continue, adding a new tree for any new member.

You can track the impact on carbon emissions of the "PMI Northern Italy's Forest" by clicking the button below.

The same smart button is on different pages of our website: it tracks the site views, calculates their related CO2 emissions and automatically plants the trees needed to compensate for them: another good reason to visit our site frequently!

Northern Italy, Net Zero Website

Food For Thought Event

Il 6 ottobre 2023 ritorna in presenza il Forum Nazionale di Project Management, l'iniziativa congiunta dei Chapter italiani (PMI Northern Italy Chapter, PMI Central Italy Chapter e PMI Southern Italy Chapter) nata nel 2017 e rivolta ai project manager di tutto il territorio nazionale. Dopo le tappe di Firenze, Napoli e Milano e le edizioni esclusivamente online degli ultimi due anni, il Forum Nazionale di Project Management 2023 si terrà a Bologna e nello specifico presso la sede di Fico Eataly World, selezionate per la loro centralità tematica e geografica con il tema di quest'anno: food for thought.

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Food for Thoughts - 6┬░ Forum Nazionale di Project Management

6 October 2023 9:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CET+01:00)

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