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Research and insights that prove the value of project management as a strategic business driver.

In a business world of constant change and disruption, project, program and portfolio management are the bridges that connect strategy to implementation.

While organizations refer to projects and programs by varied names and descriptors, they are in essence the way change happens and how work gets done.

Overarching these functions, project portfolio management enables executives to meet organizational goals and objectives through efficient decision making. Portfolio management is both a mindset and a competency that keeps organizations focused on priorities and change factors.


Since 2006, we’ve charted the major trends in project management through our global survey, Pulse of the Profession®.

The 2017 Pulse features feedback and insights of 3,234 project professionals, 200 senior executives and 510 PMO directors from a range of industries.

Our latest Pulse of the Profession® sees a positive change in the way organizations are managing projects and programs. For the first time in five years, more projects are meeting original goals and business intent and being completed within budget. Discover the actions that organizations are taking to become champions of — and champions at — project management.

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Our thought leadership reports on diverse topics prove the value of project, program and portfolio management as a strategic business driver.

Drawing from our signature Pulse of the Profession research, we examine the major trends that organizations confront and the related activities they undertake to be more successful.

In 2016, we looked deeply into the world of benefits realization across all levels of the organization from the executive suite to the PMO function through to business operations. Where good practices exist, we uncovered them to help your organization reap the intended value from its project investments.

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  • Funding for new academic research in project, program and portfolio management
  • Venues to present, discover and discuss new research
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with scholars and advanced practitioners
  • Access to publications, books and papers

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