Benefits of Volunteering

Get Involved with PMI-NIC by Volunteering!

Are you looking for a way to expand your project management experience? Increase your soft skills? Or just earn PDUs?

Members and non-members of the PMI Northern Italy Chapter are invited to become active participants in our association, becoming volunteers.

It is never too late to volunteer! The PMI-NIC offers many different opportunities that require an availability of time and knowledge suitable for each specific individual need!

Interested in volunteering?

Expectations of the volunteer

As with any volunteer organization, we believe that your family and your livelihood come first! With this in mind, the expectations for our volunteers are as follows:

  • Commitment to the objectives and priorities of the PMI-NIC
  • Timely and professional fulfillment of your commitments
  • Active participation in the teams associated with your commitment
  • Recognition and timely response to communications relating to your commitment
  • Regular communication with the project manager associated with your commitment

Ready to Volunteer?

Our Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP) makes it easy to search for volunteer opportunities throughout the world. To get started, log in or register and visit the VEP to find volunteer opportunities that interest you.

Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP)

Benefits for volunteering

Get real life experiences that can be added to your resume

Meet project management professionals in different sectors, organizations and jobs

Expand your project management skills by working outside the normal professional role by playing the role of sponsor, project manager, planner, project coordinator or team member in an PMI-NIC team

Be part of a team of project management professionals who work to provide knowledge and project management opportunities dedicated to the association

Get detailed information on the internal workings of PMI-NIC's activities and provide your knowledge and information to optimize and improve processes and procedures.

Be proud of the result! When you volunteer, you are doing your part to improve project management practice for everyone's benefit!

Last but not least you can earn PDUs.

Try it, it will be a good experience. We are waiting for you!

Want to Give Back to the Community?


Engage your PMI Educational Foundation liaison! Liaisons are local volunteers who are specifically appointed by chapter leaders to design and promote social good events, including those required to serve community needs detected by chapter board members. Find out more at PMIEF.