Territorial Branches

Northern Italy Territories

To better serve and maintain direct contact with our members, the Chapter has founded seven territorial Branches which promote our association with local events and dedicated initiatives.

Each Branch reinforces the regional traditions and peculiarities to guarantee a constant and qualified response to the local needs and specific interests.

Every year Branches organize the majority of the Chapter events and propose different formats to engage people and attract new members and volunteers. For example, typical Branch event formats are convivial pre-dinner meetings, called “Aperitivi”, mixed gastronomic and informative events called “Dinner with projects”, innovative ideas like “Candida*mente” podcasts, inter-chapter events like Light-Up (a joint event of the Central PMI European Chapters of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia Chapters with the Northern-Eastern Branch of Friuli-Venezia Giulia of the PMI-NIC), and events on experience collection and sharing like “Progettando”.

The PMI-NIC experience showed that new members are empowered and become loyal through the “come and see” approach: Branches are the perfect host to welcome new guests and engage them in “next-door” activities.


Our strength is in connecting our territory and our people with their productive organizations.
Director: Claudia Miani
Deputy Director: Francesca Emiliani
branch: branch-ero@pmi-nic.org  

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Benvenuti, wilkommen, dobrodošli , benvignûts, welcome: in FVG we welcome you in 5 different languages!
Director: Donatella Debidda
Deputy Director: Francesco Alibrandi
branch: branch-fvg@pmi-nic.org


Like our unique territory, we merge the spirit of the sea and the mountains into events and research projects.
Director: Mario Salano
Deputy Director: Francesco Giacalone
branch: branch-lig@pmi-nic.org


Innovative and creative programs are our key to stay up to date with project management best practices.
Director: Valerio Casalini
Deputy Director: Francesco Pecoraro
branch: branch-lom@pmi-nic.org

Piemonte-Valle D’Aosta

A strong vocation to innovative projects and social goods with a particular focus on the Next-Gen in order to create a project management mindset for their life.
Director: Paolo Sasso
Deputy Director: Antonino (Toni) Ciccardi
branch: branch-pva@pmi-nic.org

Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol

We favour agile approaches for research and innovation projects in different sectors. We are bilingual.
Director: Silvia Valentini
Deputy Director (Trentino): Emilio Cova
Deputy Director (Alto Adige/Sudtirol): Marco Kettmeir
branch: branch-tas@pmi-nic.org


Keep in touch if you wish to share your experiences and knowledge: we are here to explore in project management together
Director: Laura Locci
Deputy Director: Elisa Alessi Celegon
branch: branch-ven@pmi-nic.org