Goodbye Info1 A New Way Of Communicating With Us



Over time we noticed that the way you could get in touch with us was not easy to use and satisfactory and with the new year we decided to make some changes. The objective of our Chapter is to provide you with the best associative life experience, responding to your needs in a timely and timely manner within the limits set by our commitment as volunteers. The general secretarial services, both by telephone and by email, which we used did not give the expected results. It was difficult and often impossible to keep the external manager in line with the changes taking place in the Chapter processes and life, especially in the last year, and therefore for most of the questions the service was transformed into an involvement of a member of the Steering Committee or another volunteer, leading to transitions and delays, or generic or even incorrect answers were given with frustration by all. Some of you have certainly had this experience recently, and we apologize for this! We have updated our page on the website “Contacts ”and made more easily accessible from the main menu. You will find all the references depending on the topic of your question or your contribution, to have a more timely and effective answer. Are you a new member, or do you not know the Chapter, or do you still have any doubts about what the right address could be? However, an e-mail remains that can help you find your way: [email protected]. Another important novelty, to demonstrate our commitment to you: as volunteers we want to guarantee a response within 5 working days. Our dear [email protected] continues to be our voice to update you on Chapter activities and becomes "no-reply". The PMI-NIC Communication Team.