The PMI-NIC Thanks the Events Team

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Dear NIC members and friends, you like to participate in our events, don't you?

We volunteers like to organize them and much of our time is dedicated to this!

But today we would like to tell you an aspect that perhaps you do not know because "behind the scenes", without which, however, you would not have the opportunity to take part in our initiatives ...

There are 6 fantastic guys, Mauro Chiadò, Marco Forlani, Elena Marcuz, Eleonora Pappalardo, Alberto Tummillo and Rita Uguzzoni and they are the members of an inter-functional team called "Events Team". Graziella, M&V Director, and I, who as Director of Communication follow them directly, we really want to introduce them to you to get them out of the shadows and give them the recognition they deserve.

Mauro is our "IT guy", he takes care of downloading and processing invoice data for paid events, participating lists and other such.

Marco is the person you have to thank every time you receive the PDUs because he uploads them to you on the PMI platform.

Elena specializes in opening registrations on our website and on TicketTailor.

The three of them are now veterans and have been working with us for a while, but this year we have had the good fortune to find other people who are helping us out:

  • Eleonora is also a volunteer from the Lombardy Branch and manages to find the time to help us as a "handyman", with great availability
  • Alberto uploads the slides and the material presented during the events on our site, so that you can also enjoy them at a past event (and few Chapters offer such a service ..),
  • Rita is super fast at uploading recordings to YouTube so if you haven't been able to attend an online event you can retrieve it whenever you want.

They answer all your questions at [email protected] and during this time of quarantine, with "At lunch with the NIC" and other online events they really had a lot of work! During the lockdown we had an average of 3 events per week!

What do you say, whether they deserve applause or not?

Chiara Canavera and Graziella D'Amico

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