These First Months of 2020 Planning Despite the Pandemic


March 27, 2020

Dear colleagues,

As usual, the Assembly of Members on January 31, 2020 opened the new year of association life.

To the reflections on ethics and the project economy - the main themes of the day - we alternated the more institutional communications, submitting the 2018 financial statements for your approval and presenting the new organizational structure and the objectives we intend to pursue for 2020.

Our work has continued, finalizing those objectives in the Annual Plan 2020, the document that each Chapter has to prepare since last year to actively participate in the implementation of the SME strategic plan. We presented it on March 25, 2020 and we are pleased to share it with you today.

The creation of the Annual Plan is an opportunity for discussion and planning that involves all the directors of the Branches and the members of the Management Committee, which is followed by the implementation and monitoring and control activities.

As you can see, the key word is " core service " or the set of initiatives and services that we are required and / or have chosen to start for 2020 and that, in line with the SME strategic plan, see individuals at the center of attention . Another significant element is the " data driven " system which we consider an opportunity to preserve the best of our past and project ourselves into experimenting with new paths.

Together with the Annual Plan, we presented the first work progress at 20 March 2020 where we indicated the deviations due to the epidemiological emergency COVID-19 which, as we write to you, continues to weigh on our thoughts and hearts.

We wanted to commit ourselves immediately because, even at this moment, our Chapter showed the passion and professionalism that characterizes us by starting "At lunch with the NIC", a series of short but frequent webinars from 13:30 to 14:00. It is an initiative that we also wanted to share with colleagues from Italy Chapters who, in turn, open their webinars to all of us.

Our "lunches" together will continue with high frequency until the end of the emergency while the next update of the Annual Plan is scheduled for June and we hope to announce the resumption of initiatives currently postponed or suspended.