FAQs for Students Enrolled in Accredited Programs

Project Management Education Contact Hours Questions


  • Project management education contact hours are the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning to qualify to sit for PMI Credentials. One hour of classroom instruction equals one contact hour. Example: If a student has completed a university or college course/module on project management that met for three hours per week for 15 weeks, the student would record 45 contact hours.

  • Pre-approved contact hours are accepted, without question, toward fulfilling the educational requirements to sit for relevant PMI credentials.

  • PMI credential applications have a listing of education providers. There is a category titled “GAC Accredited Programs.” The student would select that category when completing the application.

Professional Development Units (PDU) Questions


Other Related Questions


  • The GAC accredited program’s core project management courses/modules must be registered in PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS). Please contact GAC staff for information on registering courses with PMI.

  • Only the core project management courses/modules included within the GAC accredited program are able to be included in the contact hour/PDU benefit.

  • As of 1 July 2015, students completing core project management courses/modules included within a GAC accredited program may claim core courses for the pre-approved contact hour/PDU benefit.