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  • All GAC accredited programs will complete the GAC Annual Report. This annual report contains demographic information about the accredited program, such as current enrollment, graduates, number of faculty, etc. This report also notes any minor changes or improvements in the accredited program(s) or the institution where it is housed.

    GAC staff send instructions and a template to the program's primary contact at least 30 days before the report is due. 

    The report collects the following information related to the accredited program:

    • Program contact
    • Program locations
    • Program delivery modality
    • University and program faculty data
    • University and program student data (enrollment/graduates)
    • Measures of student achievement
    • Course/module data
    • Continuous Improvement activities
    • Reporting on good practices, innovations, and achievements

    Annual reports are reviewed by GAC accreditation specialists. The data are used to evaluate program compliance with accreditation standards, assess program trends, and measure GAC accreditation impact.

  • GAC accredited programs are required to notify the GAC before making a change that may impact the program's compliance with GAC accreditation standards.

    Download the Substantive Change Policy

  • Review the Progress Report Policy followed by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) and the applicant/accredited program related to any Requirements attached to a GAC accreditation decision.

  • GAC accredited programs may apply to have additional programs accredited.

    Download the GAC Additional Degree Request Review Template

  • Eighteen months before the accredited program’s cycle expiration date, GAC sends a Letter of Request for Intent to Renew GAC Accreditation to the accredited program(s).

    Programs planning to renew their GAC accreditation must complete a Letter of Intent.

    • The program prepares and submits the Letter of Intent through the accreditation portal.
    • See Apply for Accreditation for the Letter of Intent template as a guide.
    • Any newly developed programs to be considered for accreditation may be included in this process.

    The documentation must be submitted at least 15 months before the program's accreditation cycle ends. Once the Letter of Intent is submitted, it is reviewed by a GAC accreditation specialist. The program can move to the next step in the reaffirmation process.

    The program has six months to develop its Self-Assessment Report.

    • The program prepares and submits the Self-Assessment Report through the accreditation portal.
    • See Apply for Accreditation for the Self-Assessment Report template as a guide.

    Once the Self-Assessment Report is submitted:

    • Self-Assessment Report review, discussion, and decision by the GAC Directors
    • The Visit Evaluation.
    • GAC Accreditation Decision.

    Programs seeking reaffirmation of accreditation may be granted GAC accreditation for a maximum period of five (5) years. Upon grant of reaffirmation, the program's new GAC accreditation cycle would commence on the anniversary date of its original accreditation.

    The program would then move forward with its continuing accreditation responsibilities for the remainder of the accreditation cycle, including the payment of any fees on the anniversary of its original accreditation, the submission of the annual report, and any applicable Progress Reports on Requirements as described in the Decision Letter.

    Please refer to the program fee schedule posted on the Apply for Accreditation section of the GAC website for specific fees associated with each step of the accreditation process.

  • Academic degree programs accredited by the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) are members of a select group that embraces and promotes project management discipline. GAC accreditation confirms that an institution’s project management program has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and quality meet comprehensive, global standards for accreditation. It makes a public statement about the institution and its faculty's deep commitment to ongoing evaluation and continuous quality improvement.

    GAC-accredited programs have access to several promotional and informational resources. Programs can download:

    • GAC accredited program logos in several formats, and the GAC Usage Guidelines
    • GAC videos for use in promoting your program.
    • Template press releases for announcing accreditation.
    • Other related collateral 

    These resources are only available to designated representatives from GAC-accredited programs.

    For more information, contact us at [email protected].

  • PDU Benefits for Students

    Core project management modules/courses within a GAC accredited program are:

    • Pre-approved for contact hours which may be applied toward the project management educational eligibility requirement needed to sit for a PMI credential examination.
    • Pre-approved for the professional development units (PDUs), which may be used by current PMI credential holders in meeting the continuing education requirement.

    In order to allow students to claim contact hours/PDUs from a GAC accredited program, the program’s core project management courses/modules must be registered in PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS). For instructions on registering for these courses, please contact GAC staff at [email protected].

    Benefits for Students Enrolled in GAC Accredited Programs

    • Students eligible to sit for a PMI credential exam may immediately apply the classroom hours from a completed project management course toward the contact hour requirement, rather than waiting until they graduate from the program. The student can be confident that these hours are pre-approved and will automatically be accepted toward fulfilling the contact hour requirement. Students who wish to claim contact hours should select “GAC Accredited Programs” as the education provider when completing the PMI credential application.
    • GAC accredited programs are now able to issue PDUs to students who complete any individual registered project management course within their accredited degree program. The PMI credential holder can be confident that these PDUs are pre-approved and will automatically be accepted toward fulfilling the PMI continuing certification requirement. Students should claim these PDUs under “Category A – Courses Offered by PMI’s Authorized Training Partners, GAC Accredited Degree Programs, chapters, and Communities.”

    Benefits for GAC Accredited Programs

    • GAC accredited programs will be able to advertise their project management courses as pre-approved for contact hours and PDUs to prospective students, thus attracting students starting their project management careers and current PMI credential holders.
    • The pre-approved status provides GAC accredited programs increased visibility to the PMI Membership and the global project management community. The GAC program contact hour/PDU information will be included in all applicable PMI Credential Handbooks as they are updated throughout the year.  Wherever pre-approved status is noted, GAC accredited programs will be included.

    For additional information, view the FAQs for Students Enrolled in GAC Accredited Programs.

  • GAC scholarships are open to all students enrolled in GAC-accredited, academic, degree-granting programs in project/program/portfolio management or a project management-related field of study. Multiple scholarships will be awarded in the amount of US$3,000 each. For more information, visit Academic Scholarships (

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