New Prospective Membership Report
Authorized Chapter Leaders can now access distribution lists to communicate with PMI members, non-members and certification holders who do not presently hold chapter membership. Dive deeper into the data with ThoughtSpot.


ThoughtSpot will replace the legacy system known as the Chapter Reporting System (CRS). ThoughtSpot is PMI’s way of getting you direct access to chapter data, where any leader with appropriate access can search, ask questions, find answers, and drill into data infinitely – IN SECONDS! 

ThoughtSpot will provide you with key metrics and allow you to explore your chapter’s member data. It will assist you in setting and tracking KPIs in support of the essential Annual Planning process. ThoughtSpot provides an enhanced user experience and gives you instant access to your data, vs. waiting for your Chapter Engagement Staff Support to deliver ad-hoc reporting requests.

Resources & Training


Training Slides: See this training slides to reacquaint yourself with the PMI membership data and how to begin analysing the data using the tool’s capabilities.

Presentation Slides: These are the slides that PMI presented during each training session.

Data Dictionary: If you are an advanced data user, you can use this document to support your exploration of the data with an increased awareness and understanding of what the data is intended to show you.

Frequently Asked Questions: You can use this document to look for answers to some of most frequently asked questions.

Regional Analysts List: These volunteers and staff members participated in a ThoughtSpot facilitated training which has given them an in depth view of the tool’s analysis capabilities and thus, they can support you with questions in your local time zone. As a reminder, both Regional Analysts and yourselves are able to submit your questions, comments or concerns to [email protected].

Office Hours and Sign Up Links: Office Hours are a pivotal part of PMI’s ThoughtSpot support model as seen below. Office Hours are 60 minutes in length which encourages chapter leaders to interact, collaborate, ask questions, seek clarity from ThoughtSpot project team members and regional SMEs. These session are similar to a university professor’s office hours. The Office Hours sessions have concluded for 2022, but will resume in 2023.

Feedback Form link: Please use this form to share your questions and feedback on the ThoughtSpot platform. We know you will have feedback, whether it be constructive, bad, good or indifferent we want to hear it.

ThoughtSpot University: ThoughtSpot has developed their own extensive learning library to which you may refer, you will want to focus on the ‘Business User’ learning path. You may access this learning library by navigating to

Get Involved with Report Refinement Efforts

If you have a strong desire to get involved and support the ThoughtSpot project team by refining other future reports like the Prospective Member, Certification, Annual Chapter Member Satisfaction and Financial reports, please feel free to sign up by completing this form.

Support Model

As part of PMI’s long term support model, we have identified at least two (2) regional staff members and one (1) volunteer from each one of PMI’s regions in which chapters operate. It is PMI’s desire to upskill and increase your technical knowledge of the ThoughtSpot tool to serve as an extension of PMI’s own data team within your region; dedicated internal data resources like the CRS Replacement Project Team and/or the Analytics and Data Management Team, would be available to support the Region Analysts for these more advanced questions or complex report requests.

The model referenced aside will lessens the likelihood that any one group becomes a bottleneck in supporting the Chapter Leadership’s data needs. It also ensures growth at all support levels, as the Chapter Leaders will continually learn from working with Chapter Engagement Staff, who will continually learn through working with region analysts, and the region analysts will continually learn through working with aforementioned internal data resources.

ThoughtSpot Support Model

Granting Access to ThoughtSpot

The current Chapter Reporting System (CRS) will remain operational throughout the remainder of 2022. It is planned to be sunset in early 2023.

Access to ThoughtSpot will be Single Sign On (SSO) with the existing permissions structure in alignment with the Component System (CS) - We are encouraging Chapter Presidents to look closely at the permissions for each officer listed in the CS. If the officer has the checkbox indicating their access to the Chapter Reporting System (CRS) and Charter Renewal, they will have access to the membership data in the new ThoughtSpot. If there is no desire for this officer to have access to the membership data within ThoughtSpot, we kindly ask for you to ‘uncheck’ this checkbox. Discussions with the board about the removal of the officer’s permissions might be necessary and the transparent communication to the officer.

Any officer who will be granted permission to access the membership information in ThoughtSpot should be made aware of Section 6 in the Policy Manual for PMI Chapters, which details the Chapter Use of PMI Membership and Data. These officers should read and agree to abide by the policies outlined in this section to ensure the security of their membership’s Personable Identifiable Information (PII). We do encourage the chapter’s policies to limit the number of officers with access to PII to a few with collaboration with those officers who do not have permission to access this data.

How to grant access to ThoughtSpot