Advanced Software Design

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In the Design Patterns Thinking course, participants learned to use design patterns to support agile development. Advanced Software Design will take you a step further by introducing additional principles, patterns, and qualities, as well as extensive design exercises which build on the knowledge and experience from the previous course.

New patterns covered

This two-day course (14 PDUs) discusses patterns as forces, enabling them to be used even when the classic context for the pattern does not exist. 

  • Visitor
  • Mediator
  • Builder
  • Object Pool
  • State
  • Composite
  • Observer
  • Command
  • Memento

Why You Want to Attend This Course

  • To add breadth and depth to the knowledge you gained in Design Patterns Thinking
  • To reduce the cost of change by categorizing patterns by what they encapsulate
  • To speed up the evolution of software to more swiftly react to changing customer needs
  • To avoid technical debt through advanced software design
  • To learn new ways to identify the pattern(s) that apply to any problem
  • To identify “patterns of patterns” that address complex problems
  • To gain a powerful new way of organizing your knowledge of design, design patterns, and test-driven development

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of design patterns from Design Patterns Thinking
  • Learn how to apply nine new patterns
  • Review and discuss case studies involving design patterns
  • Select patterns in different ways, including encapsulation, metaphors, and analogs
  • Understand Christopher Alexander’s fundamental concept of patterns as collections of forces
  • Practice all that you learn through a multi-part analysis and design exercise

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Audience and Requirements

  • Software developers of all levels, from junior to senior to technical leads will benefit from this training.  
  • Students must have previously taken Design Patterns Thinking, as it is an important pre-requisite.

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