Disciplined Agile



Security is one of the process blades of Disciplined DevOps. The focus of the Security process blade is to describe how to protect your organization from both information/cyber/virtual threats and physical threats. This includes procedures for security governance, identity and access management, vulnerability management, security policy management, incident response, and vulnerability management. As you would expect these policies will affect your organization’s strategies around change management, disaster recovery and business continuity, solution delivery, data management, and vendor management amongst others. For security to be effective it has to be a fundamental aspect of your organizational culture. 

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Why Security?

There are several reasons why security is critical to your organization.

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Security Mindset

We extend the DA mindset with philosophies specific to security. 

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Security Roles and Responsibilities

There are several roles that are pertinent to security.  

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Security Practices

Security teams need to be able to choose their own way of working (WoW). 


Security Strategies for DevOps

Security can and should be an integral part of your DevOps strategy.

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Security Terminology

There are several common security terms used throughout DA.