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Program Management

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A program is a collection of related initiatives managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. These initiatives could be long-standing product/service teams, projects, or subsidiary programs. The components of a program are related through their pursuit of complementary goals that each contribute to the delivery of benefits. In some ways “program coordination” is a more accurate term than “program management,” but “program management” is the commonly accepted term.

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Why Program Management?

There are several potential reasons why programs, large initiatives, exist. 

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Program Management Mindset

We extend the DA mindset with philosophies specific to program management.

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Program Management Roles and Responsibilities

There are several roles that are pertinent to program management.

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Team Structure of a Large Program

A program team is typically organized as a team of teams.

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Program Management Workflow - External

Program management teams need to interact with a range of teams.

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Program Management Workflow - Internal

A program management team is a collection of collaborating teams.

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Program Management Practices

Program teams need to be able to choose their own way of working (WoW).

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Scaling Program Management

Team size isn’t the only scaling factor that program teams are likely to face. 


Program Management and DevOps

Program management of IT initiatives can and should be an integral part of your DevOps strategy.