Disciplined Agile

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Agile Reimagined: How Disciplined Agile drives results in industries around the world.

We know that Disciplined Agile helps teams and organizations choose their way of working (WoW) and opens options that can be limited by adopting a single agile framework. But there is nothing like a good story to show you real-world results and advice from actual Disciplined Agile clients. From delighting their customers to enabling speed to market, see how Disciplined Agile has helped these leaders deliver results.

Restaurant Industry Veteran Brings Disciplined Agile Flexibility to Papa John’s Pizza and Panera

How Panera and Papa John’s Pizza satisfied their appetite for flexibility using Disciplined Agile

Mike Nettles, former Chief Operating and Growth Officer for Papa John’s Pizza shares how Disciplined Agile was instrumental in successfully navigating the unique challenges of the restaurant industry. His wins included engaging marketing and operations teams in agile planning using Disciplined Agile processes, strategic planning and mindset.

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