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Disciplined Agile® Posters and Pamphlets

This page contains links to a collection of posters that may be downloaded, printed, and put on your office walls and pamphlets that could be handed out at events. Unless otherwise noted, they posters and pamphlets are designed for A-size (8.5" by 11") paper.

Disciplined Agile Posters:

Disciplined Agile Pamphlets:


Disciplined Agile Tool Kit Overview


The Disciplined Agile Tool Kit Overview overviews the four layers of the DA™ tool kit and the process blades within them.

Disciplined Agile Mindset


The Disciplined Agile Mindset is that we believe in these principles, so we make these promises to the people we work with, and follow these guidelines when doing so. In addition to the mindset poster above, we have also created a collection of posters for the DA principles:









Disciplined Agile FLEX (DA-FLEX)

Disciplined Agile FLEX


Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) Process Goals

Process Goals 

The Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) Process Goals poster overviews the process goals of DAD.  This is a very good reference to remind people, at least at a high level, the range of issues that they need to consider to be successful at agile solution delivery.


Transformations: People, Process, and Tools


The Transformations: People, Process, and Tools Poster (PDF, 8.5"x11") summarizes the reality faced on agile transformation journeys.  The first value of both the Agile Manifesto and the more recent Disciplined Agile Manifesto is "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools", pointing out that all are important.  This is a great poster to put on the wall to remind you that although the majority of your effort will focus on people/cultural issues (individuals and interactions) a portion of it will still need to focus on improving processes and supporting tooling.


DAD Life Cycles

You can download a poster for each of the Disciplined Agile DA life cycles. Each poster is designed to print on B-size (11" x 17") paper.

The DAD Agile (Scrum-Based) Lifecycle


The DAD Continuous Delivery: Agile Life Cycle


The DAD Lean (Kanban-Based) Life Cycle


The DAD Continuous Delivery: Lean Life Cycle 


The DAD Exploratory/Lean Startup Life Cycle


The DAD Program (Team of Teams) Life Cycle 


Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) vs. Minimum Business Increments(MBIs)


The MVPs vs. MBIs poster overviews the relationship between a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Minimum Releasable Feature (MRF), Minimum Marketable Release (MMR), and a Minimum Business Increment (MBI).  People often use the term MVP when they really mean MBI or MMR.  


Tactical Scaling Infographic


The Tactical Scaling Infographic (PDF, 11"x17") poster summarizes results from the 2016 Agile Scaling study (November 2016) around agile team size, geographic distribution, domain complexity, technical complexity, regulatory compliance, and organizational distribution.  How does your team compare?


Informational Posters


The Disciplined Agile Data Warehousing (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) poster (PDF, 11" by 17") overviews how to take a Disciplined Agile strategy on a DW/BI team. It leans heavily on the Agile Data (AD) and Agile Modeling (AM) techniques within the DA tool kit.  


The Rights and Responsibilities on Disciplined Agile Teams poster captures critical concepts that are common across agile roles. These posters extend the philosophies originally proposed in Extreme Programming (XP).

Boîte à outils (French)


This is a two-sided, tri-fold pamphlet written in European French. The image above is the first of two pages.

Choose Your Way of Working (French)


This is a two-sided, tri-fold pamphlet written in European French. The image above is the first of two pages.

Votre cycle de vie (French)


This is a two-sided, tri-fold pamphlet written in European French. The image above is the first of two pages.

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