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IT Operations

IT Operations

The primary aim of IT operations is to run a trustworthy IT ecosystem. From the point of view of your customer, you want to do such a good job that they don’t even notice IT. For older organizations this can be a challenge due to the existence of hundreds, if not thousands, of legacy systems that have been deployed over the decades. You may face daunting technical debt in these systems – poor quality data, overly complex or poorly written source code, systems with inadequate automated regression tests (if any), different versions of the same system, several systems offering similar functionality, numerous technology platforms, systems and technologies for which you have insufficient expertise, and more. 

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Why IT Operations?

There are several reasons why IT operations is critical to your organization.

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IT Operations Mindset

We extend the DA mindset with philosophies specific to IT operations. 

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IT Operations Roles and Responsibilities

There are several roles that are pertinent to IT operations. 

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IT Operations Practices

IT operations teams need to be able to choose their own way of working (WoW). 


IT Operations Teaming Strategies

There are several common strategies for an effective IT operations team. 


IT Operations Strategies

Successful IT operations balance several competing factors. 


IT Operations Strategies for DevOps

IT operations can and should be an integral part of your DevOps strategy.