Disciplined Agile



Disciplined Agile® (DA) promotes a lean approach to governance. Lean governance is the leadership, organizational structures and streamlined processes to enable everyone to work together effectively in sustaining and extending the organization’s ability to produce meaningful value for its customers.  

Your governance team - which may be called an oversight, audit, or control team/tribe/group/function - will monitor and guide teams throughout your organization. The aim is to enable them to succeed by removing or at least reducing any barriers that they may experience, to motivate them to do “the right thing” for your organization and your customers, and to ensure that they remain compliant with appropriate legal regulations and guidance. 

Governance typically addresses areas such as: 

  • The evolution and support of roles and responsibilities to streamline how people work together
  • Definition of decision rights and decision-making processes to streamline interactions between people
  • The evolution and support of common procedures and guidelines to ensure appropriate commonality of activities and artifacts
  • The evolution and support of common guidance to motivate the efforts of teams across your organization
  • Promotion of ethics and social responsibility
  • Effective and timely investment to sustain and extend the organization over the long term
  • The monitoring of activities to provide insight into their effectiveness
  • Formation of a governing body that is responsible for guiding governance activities
  • Definition of exceptions and escalation processes to streamline critical interactions
  • Creation of a knowledge sharing strategy to grow individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole
  • The support and monitoring of risk mitigation strategies across your organization
  • Adoption of a reward and compensation structure to support the attraction and retention of excellent staff
  • Strategies to share information throughout the organization 

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Why Governance?

There are several reasons why lean governance is critical to your organization.  

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Governance Mindset

We extend the DA mindset with philosophies specific to governance. 

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Governance Workflow – Internal

DA governance teams work in a highly collaborative and evolutionary manner. 

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Governance Practices

Governance teams need to be able to choose their own way of working (WoW).


Leading Lean Governance

There are many behaviors and that leaders may choose to adopt to enable successful governance. 


Strategies that Support Lean Governance

The DA tool kit supports a wide range of governance-friendly strategies.