Disciplined Agile

Tactical Agility at Scale: Scaling Agile at the Team Level

Tactical agility at scale refers to the application of agile and lean strategies at the team level. When people hear the word “scale” they often think large teams. Fair enough, but our experience is that there is far more to scaling at the tactical level than just that. The following diagram overviews the factors that will affect your efforts to tactically scale agility at the team level. 

Tactical Scaling

Figure 1. Complexity factors of the Situation Context Framework (SCF).

These scaling factors are described in greater detail in the article Situation Context Framework (SCF) . The SCF is used to provide context for organizing your people, process, and tools for a Disciplined Agile® (DA™) team.  You will tailor your process, your team structure, and your tooling strategies to reflect the situation that you find yourself in. Table 1 summarizes how each scaling factor affects your process tailoring efforts. 

Table 1: How the scaling factors affect your tailoring of DAD. 

Scaling Factor

Process Goals Primarily Affected

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