Disciplined Agile

Choosing and Evolving Your Team’s Way of Working (WoW)

The Disciplined Agile® (DA) tool kit enables teams and organizations to choose and then evolve their way of working (WoW) in an effective manner. Figure 1 depicts a high-level overview, showing that some activities occur early in an initiative whereas other process improvement activities occur on an ongoing basis throughout the lifetime of team. In fact, Figure 1 reflects DA’s philosophy of “Start where you are, do the best that you can in the situation that you face, and always strive to get better”.

Evolve Way of Working (WoW)

Figure 1. Choosing and evolving your WoW over time (click to enlarge).

Let’s consider each of the activities in Figure 1.

  1. Visualize existing process. As you can see in the Evolve WoW process goal diagram of Figure 2, there are several options to choose from.  Although value stream mapping (VSM) is a great technique that has become popular the past few years, the fact is that it requires a bit of skill to execute well. Luckily, you have choices.
  2. Tailor initial WoW. Figure 2 also shows that you have options for initially tailoring your WoW. Adopting DA suggestions refers to the bolded options on process goal diagrams, such as Figure 2 itself, in that these options are often good starting points for most teams. Process tailoring workshops may seem like an overhead to agile purists, but in practice they are effective at identifying a WoW that is more likely to be fit-for-purpose for your team, thereby putting your team in a better position to collaborate from the start.
  3. Identify potential improvements. The identify potential improvements decision point of Figure 2 captures strategies for both identifying problem as well as potential solutions to those problems.
  4. Implement potential improvements. You also have options for how to implement potential improvements, as you see in Figure 2. We highly recommend Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI) which leverages the DA tool kit to improve your process improvement efforts. 
Copyright Project Management Institute All Rights Reserved Evolve Way of Working (WoW) v5.4 Physical Environment Dedicated workroom Caves and commons Agile Modeling/planning (Obeya) room Near-located cubicles Near-located offices Far-located members Open work area Choose Communication Styles Face to face around a shared sketching environment Face to face conversation Videoconferencing Phone conversations Group chat (online) Lightweight documentation Email Detailed documentation Choose Collaboration Styles Opportunistic nonsolo work Regular pairing Meetings/working sessions Individual work Select Life Cycle Agile Citizen development Citizen development (assisted) Continuous Delivery: Lean Continuous Delivery: Agile Exploratory Lean LeSS life cycle Nexus life cycle Program SAFe Scrum life cycle Serial Visualize Existing Process Value stream map Kanban board Process model Tailor Initial Process Process-tailoring workshop Adopt organizational suggestions Adopt Disciplined Agile (DA) suggestions Agile/lean method Identify Potential Improvements Value stream mapping Measure existing WoW Retrospectives Process modeling Structured survey Ad hoc process improvement Project postmortem Reuse Known Strategies Idea from Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit Local core practice Core agile practice/best practice Prescriptive method/framework Implement Potential Improvements Guided continuous improvement (GCI) Controlled experiment Measured improvement Periodic improvement Capture WoW Detailed team process Working agreement (external) Working agreement (internal) Share Improvements With Others Open spaces Hackathons Lean coffee sessions Practitioner presentation Discussion forums Capture/document improvement Write blog/article Word of mouth Organize Tool Environment Acceptance test Code analysis Configuration management Continuous deployment (CD) Continuous integration (CI) Dashboard Integrated development environment (IDE) Group chat Operational monitoring Sketching surface Task board Unit testing Wiki Work item (backlog) management

Figure 2. The Evolve WoW process goal diagram.

Clicking the diagram opens the interactive DA Browser where you can learn more about all goals, decision points and options of DA.