Disciplined Agile

Funding Agile Teams

How do agile teams get funded. While this is the focus of the Secure Funding process goal, that goal is written from the point of view of the team. But what does the overall process look like?

Figure 1 shows the high-level flow between the Finance process blade, the Portfolio Management process blade, and the team being funded. The team will have received sufficient funding for Inception—this is typically provided by our organization’s portfolio management activities—but additional funding will need to be justified based on the vision for the team. In fact, the portfolio management effort itself, as well as any efforts to explore potential product ideas, would also need to have been funded in some way to get us to this point. As you can see in Figure 1, this funding is typically provided by our organization’s finance efforts.  

Funding Flow

Figure 1. Funding flows between finance, portfolio management, and a team (click to enlarge).

Note that in smaller organizations finance and portfolio management efforts are often addressed by a single team, whereas larger organizations are likely to spread these functions across multiple collaborating teams.

February 2022

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