Disciplined Agile

The Principles Behind Disciplined Agile® Certification

The following principles drove the development of this certification program:

  1. Certifications must provide value. First and foremost, a certification must provide value to the person being certified. This value comes from learning new and valuable strategies during the process of earning the certification as well as greater employability resulting from the certification. Of course there are always limits to the value of any certification.
  2. Certifications must be earned. The effort required to earn the certification must be commensurate with the value provided. 
  3. Certifications must be focused. The focus of this program is on disciplined agile approaches to business agility. Disciplined agile certifications are an indication of knowledge and experience in disciplined agile strategies.
  4. Certification is part of your learning process. Disciplined professionals view certification as part of their learning process. Learning is not an event but instead an ongoing effort. The implication is that once you have earned your certification you must continue working to keep your skills up to date.
  5. Certified professionals have a responsibility to share knowledge. We believe that people have a responsibility to help teach and nurture people with lower belts to learn new skills and knowledge. The act of teaching and sharing information often leads one to a greater understanding and appreciation of the topic, and thus helps the teacher as well as the student to learn.

December 2021