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Disciplined Agile® Chapter Champion May/June Update

Message from Joyce Kelley

Hello Chapter Champions!

The Chapter Champion role continues to evolve and develop in over 200 Chapters globally. This is exciting news for you as your community continues to grow. I look forward to supporting and working with you in my role as the PMI Disciplined Agile Chapter Champion. Please keep in touch and let me know what valuable information you would like to see in our publications moving forward. You can reach me at [email protected].

As we transition roles, I want to give a special shout out to Beth Ouellette who has started this program along with Mark Lines and Scott Ambler. Beth has worked endless hours to ensure our DA Champions had the resources needed to get started and to be the knowledgeable DA advocate for their chapters. Beth’s passion and understanding of Disciplined Agile are countless! Please join me in wishing Beth much success as she continues her Journey as a Disciplined Agile instructor and certified professional. Thank you.

Share Disciplined Agile with Your Chapters– new assets make it easy

The Chapter and Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) Update Center now has a Disciplined Agile tab where you can find the latest news and resources to help you let your Chapter know about Disciplined Agile. Please visit the Chapter and R.E.P. Update Center and scroll to the bottom to access videos, flyers, ads for your Chapter website and more. We’ll let you know as new resources are created for you. What assets would be most helpful? Let us know (how do they let you know?).

What's New in the Disciplined Agile Tool Kit?

Find out more about recent changes to the Disciplined Agile tool kit and how these changes impact our DA offerings. The DA mindset recently evolved to include an eighth principle to help you optimize your way of working. You can learn more about this in DA on-demand webinars. It’s now available as a free download to PMI members – let your Chapter know about this membership benefit! (this needs to link directly to the page where they can download the book).

New DA Books Now Available

Choose Your WoW!

We're happy to announce that Choose Your WoW is coming soon via PMI Publications ($15.95 US for PMI Members, $19.95 for non-members). It is also available on Amazon. The newly revised edition of Choose Your WoW is now available from PMI Publications. This book provides hundreds of strategies for agile teams that can help them build an approach that is focused on their unique enterprise context. It is the official source of knowledge on Disciplined Agile Delivery and includes greatly improved and enhanced strategies to help apply DAD. As a PMI member, you can now download your FREE copy.


Scott Bain, Senior Technical Trainer, recently completed The Design Patterns Companion. This book is a field guide for developers and technical leads who use design patterns in their work. Each pattern is described in two facing pages, and will remind readers how it works, wh it’s for, and how to use it. Design patterns teach a style of design that allows for change without decay. "In an agile environment, where change is to be embraced, this is crucial.”

Introduction to Disciplined Agile 

Another new book, Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery—Second Edition, will be coming out via PMI publications later this month. This book discusses a small agile team’s journey to improving their way of working and provides a concise overview of Disciplined Agile Delivery. Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) provides the foundation from which to scale agile and lean software development strategies within your organization. DAD provides the guidance needed by development teams to enable them to succeed in the unique situation they face: Context counts. This book shows how a small development team in an established enterprise applies Disciplined Agile (DA) strategies over time to successfully improve their agility to provide real value to their stakeholder.

Chapter Highlight


Following the marketing launch of PMI's Disciplined Agile, The Washington D.C. Chapter included the information in their newsletter article to 11,000 members and followed up with a webinar. Attached is a picture of Dominic Lepore’s webinar set up - two computers, two diva lights, two speakers for one certified PMP, DA Chapter Champion making it all come together – clearly Demonstrating Principles of Disciplined Agile REAL time.

Let us know how you’ve been successful in sharing Disciplined Agile with your Chapter, send your stories to [email protected].

Message from Beth Ouellette

It’s been seven months since we began the DACC Program. Starting with “What is DA?”, we educated ourselves via research, “Choose Your WoW” training and more. We shared insights and perspectives with chapter leaders, members and professional colleagues. We started with a few eager DACCs and have grown to 299 individuals representing 203 Chapters. AWESOME! Globally, we have completed training with around close to 1000 certifications. The new DA marketing videos and brochure arrived in April. The “Basics of Discipline Agile™” online course is now available to the public. When I look back, all I can say is “WOW!” These are notable metrics and milestones.

The DA journey continues. I’m honored and grateful to interact with you as we’ve blazed the trail for DA with PMI chapters. I am passionate about Disciplined Agile, so much so that I’ve immersed myself in training, certifications and the daily application of DA with client consulting and coaching. This is part of my personal roadmap that continues to evolve. My volunteer commitment is complete, but I’ll continue the DA journey. As a PMI Fellow and PMI community friend, I’m available for webinars, advice and perspective—as I always have been.

I’m excited about the next phase of our journey, and I encourage you to be a “go-getter” (see the April newsletter). I look forward to how things progress in the coming months. November is the one-year anniversary of the DACC Program. What will the full year’s accomplishments be? I’m excited to see where you all continue to take Disciplined Agile within our amazing global community, and I welcome your continued connection. 

With heartfelt thanks, be safe and be awesome!  
Beth Ouellette, CDAI, CDAC, PMI-PBA, PMP, PgMP, PMI Fellow
DACC Program Advisor Volunteer

Stay in Touch

Many of you have conducted the “Introduction to Disciplined Agile® (DA™)” presentation with your chapter board and members. If you've given this presentation, please let us know how it went. For information on the DA program or DA training for your chapter, please contact [email protected].

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