Disciplined Agile

Agile Product Management

It is almost universal that product backlogs are incomplete and have poorly defined requirements. The question of how to go from Minimum Business Increments to stories is critical in Lean-Agile. This requires Agile Product Management (APM). Agile Product Management concerns itself with defining the value to be manifested by the Business that aligns with its strategic goals. 

Agile Product Management includes the following:

  1. Identifying, sizing and sequencing the work to be done in order to facilitate alignment across the enterprise. This includes the use of MBIs and MVPs as appropriate.
  2. Understanding the relationship between business offerings and business capabilities and how this can be used to improve the methods of the organization and how not attending to it causes misalignment of efforts.
  3. How to create an effective ecosystem for the above, including the roles required.
  4. The proper use of Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) or Acceptance Driven Development (ATDD) to create clarity on requirements (note: this topic will not be addressed in the symposium).