Disciplined Agile

The Value Density Of The Items Being Worked On

Why Look at This

In general, we want to maximize the value delivered. The best way to do this is to work on delivering what will provide the greatest value. This also enables working on the smallest item. This is one of the reasons using Minimum Business Increments (MBIs) is so important. When items larger than an MBI are worked on, the less important work delays the delivery of the more important work.

Symptoms That Your Work Items Are Not Totally Highest Value

Not all of the requirements being worked on are needed for value to be delivered
No conversations about what can be delivered earlier have taken place.

What Causes This

Common causes are:

  • Not using minimum Business Increments
  • Not developing in small increments

What We Want To Achieve

Using the appropriate blend of MVPs and MBIs. MVPs when new products are being investigated, MBIs when existing ones are being extended.

Common Solutions

  • Use MBIs to have smaller batches coming in

Other Simplicity Factors That Are Directly Related To This One