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Learn about Disciplined Agile Value Stream Management!

Leverage Value Stream Adoption with Disciplined AgileĀ®

A value stream is all about the customer journey, it begins, ends, and persists. The value streams layer incorporates the capabilities required to enable value streams to the customers. Organizations are realizing the benefits of improving their value streams to help them achieve organizational agility.

Value Stream Managers use this emerging skillset to improve the flow of value to the customers. Project Professionals are uniquely situated to fill this critical role and PMI has extended the learning journey for them to evolve into Value Stream Managers.

Despite the plethora of benefits, organizations are plagued with questions like:

  • How does VSM decrease Time to Market?
  • How to improve the environment in which value gets produced?
  • Why do some organizations deliver increments of value to customers more frequently and predictably?

To know the answer, join the webinar

Learn about Disciplined Agile Value Stream Management!

Webinar details

Date: September 21st 2023

Time: 10 am CST

Duration: 40 min

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Know our speakers:

John Munro


Project Management Institute

John Munro serves as the Product Specialist for the Disciplined Agile Portfolio. Before assuming this role, he was involved in several positions in IT Services, including software development, process improvement and Agile training and Coaching.

In December 2022, he successfully challenged the PMP exam, which led him to the insight that the PMP Approach may be one of the best open non-framework ways of designing an agile project. The blending of PMI's business acumen with agile using the Disciplined Agile Browser is a unique operating proposition well suited to larger enterprises requiring an adaptive governance model with agile methods.

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Curtis Hibbs


Project Management Institute

Lean-Agile book author, systems thinker, and thought leader with a 40+ year career. Currently a Disciplined Agile thought leader at PMI. Previously coached enterprise Lean-Agile transformations after a career as a software developer and serial entrepreneur who invented real-time closed captioning.

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Learning about Value Stream Management